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Miles Morales Does Whatever a Spider Can in New Solo Series

It has been some years since Miles Morales was introduced to Marvel fans, and not without ample amounts of controversy. While many alleged fans were up in arms about an entirely new, ethnically diverse teenager taking over the mantle of Spider-Man (in a pocket universe, mind you), co-creator and writer Brian Michael Bendis carried on, providing his usual wit and idiosyncrasy in reshaping the Marvel Universe as he saw fit, completely unabashed. Eventually the Ultimate universe met its demise but not without a few scragglers finding their way into the revised 616.

This Wednesday, Miles Morales will assume his rightful place among Marvel’s monumental heroes with Spider-Man #1, written by Bendis and drawn by Sara Pichelli.

Spider-Man 2016 001 cover

Eight months have passed since the world-altering events of Secret Wars and Miles Morales has quickly discovered his great power will continue to be responsible for a lot of headaches. Not everything will be rainbows and lollipops for the new Spider on the block. Granted, he’s a full member of The Avengers, has fantastic powers and experiences a life many 16-year-olds can only imagine. Problem is Miles also has to contend with the everyday stresses a 21st century teenager faces.

Bendis expounds on Miles’ initial strife being the hero for the city with Entertainment Weekly. “Miles makes different choices than Peter. What I love about teenage superheroes is he’s desperate to do the right thing. And also, Peter’s shadow does loom heavy over what he’s decided to do. But at the same time, he’s not sure who he is as a person yet. So how can he be everything everyone wants him to be? That’s a responsibility you either shy away from or try to step up to.”

The first issue of Miles Morales’ big leap into the All New All Different Marvel Universe will be released February 3!

Of course, a new volume of Spider-Man wouldn’t be celebratory affair without variant covers! Along with the gorgeously detailed standard cover by Pichelli, Miles will be depicted in the hugely popular hip hop variant by Adi Granov. The Classic variant will drawn by prolific Spidey artist Mark Bagley; last but not least, Skottie Young and Michael Cho will provide their exceptional renditions of the webslinger.

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