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Sun’s Out, Stay In: Project Fandom’s New Summer Series Suggestions

Summer is typically the time of year when people lose their chill, break away from their routines and shake off the doldrums of their everyday lives. Unfortunately, that blasted boob tube has only gotten smarter and craftier in pulling us away from our best laid plans. Forget about beaches, comic cons, and amusement parks… sit your butt down, save yourself a sunburn, and get your life with some quality programming year-round!

While last year’s guilty pleasure viewings (Wayward Pines) and surprise hits (Mr. Robot) are back for their sophomore seasons, there are a plethora of new series making their debut, making the summer the hottest venue (sorry, pun) to promote more exciting, creatively ambitious shows. To help you become more acquainted with these upcoming programs, Project Fandom has composed a list, in chronological order, of what we believe are the ten most compelling series that’ll premiere in the next four months.


Photo: AMC

Preacher | Premiere: May 22 | Network: AMC

If you don’t know about this series, you better ask somebody! Produced by Seth Rogen (yes, that Seth Rogen) and adapted from the celebrated Vertigo series written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Steve Dillon, Preacher follows the drunken misadventures of Jesse Custer, a man of the cloth who lost his faith but gains the powers of an unholy being. Now imbued with frightening abilities, Custer – along with pals Tulip and Cassidy – embarks on a road trip to seek answers from God Himself… wherever He’s hiding. | Trailer


Photo: SundanceTV

Cleverman | Premiere: June 1 | Network: SundanceTV

Despite the gamut of superhero films and programs available to American audiences, this US-Australian-New Zealand drama will most certainly be unlike anything seen in 2016. The visionary overseas production is set in a dystopian future where the realm of the supernatural is bleeding into our reality. The arrival of the “hairypeople” compels the Australian government to take extreme measures in maintaining their dominance. The continued mistreatment and exploitation of these unique beings prompts both sides to prepare for war. Enter Koen, who may hold the key to bringing peace between humans and the hairies, or either species’ end. | Trailer

Photo: Cinemax

Photo: Cinemax

Outcast | Premiere: June 3 | Network: Cinemax

Yet another series developed by Robert Kirkman (based from the comic also created by him), Outcast focuses on the inscrutable life of Kyle Barnes, a man with a ridiculously demented past. Throughout his childhood, his family had numerous experiences involving demonic possession. Now back home in Rome, West Virginia, Barnes is pressed to find answers as to why his family was constantly afflicted by an infernal presence and why he remains attuned to such malevolent manifestations. | Trailer

Animal Kingdom

Photo: TNT

Animal Kingdom | Premiere: June 7 | Network: TNT

Adapted from the 2010 Australian film, the SoCal-based crime drama centers on the Codys, a clan of lawless opportunists that trust no one but their own blood. The secretive family unexpectedly takes in a teen after his mother has passed. A relative innocent, the new member of this tribe of surf-happy outlaws is conflicted about staying on the straight and narrow or going all in with his relatives. I know, is this Sons of Anarchy 90210? Nah, not even bro. | Trailer

Photo: USA

Photo: USA Network

Queen of the South | Premiere: June 21 | Network: USA

In what has all the makings of the USA Network’s next summer hit, Queen of the South is the story of Teresa Mendoza, a blue collar worker from Mexico-turned-drug mule-turned-influential trafficker. Adapted from the novel La Reina del Sur by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, the 13-episode series will cover Mendoza’s ruthless, bloody rise to power. Walter White has absolutely nothing on this woman. | Trailer

Photo: CBS

Photo: CBS

American Gothic | Premiere: June 22 | Network: CBS

The dark times keep on rolling throughout the summer with a murder mystery that appears to pull all stops. Gothic (unrelated to the 1995 series with the same name) uncovers the damning secrets of one of Boston’s most prominent – and infamous – families. For years, the Silver Bell Killer roamed the city streets and instilled fear into countless citizens while slaying a score of victims. Now someone appears to have it out for the Hawthorne family. Mayhaps for good reason as one of them may be the elusive serial killer. | Trailer

Photo: Freeform

Photo: Freeform

Dead of Summer | Premiere: June 28 | Network: Freeform

Even the network formerly known as ABC Family is staking claim in the murder mystery niche with its crafty homage to summer camp slashers. While it’s easy to dismiss this series due to its familiar premise – a group of attractive co-eds being offed in creative ways at a summer camp – all signs point to Dead of Summer being more than the meets the eye. Remember, it is airing on Freeform, so don’t expect anything provocative or AHS-levels of splattergore. | Trailer

Photo: HBO

Photo: HBO

The Night Of | Premiere: July 10 | Network: HBO

If any of you have been watching Game of Thrones, you’re quite aware of this program’s existence. Based on Steven Moffat’s Criminal Justice series, The Night Of is a thorough examination of our strained and imperfect criminal justice system, trailing the duties of the police, district attorney’s office, and prison industry during a murder investigation. | Trailer

stranger things

Photo: Netflix

Stranger Things | Premiere: July 15 | Network: Netflix

Possibly the most secretive Netflix original production of 2016, this series was originally titled ‘Montauk’ but its title and location were changed during its development. The story however remains intact. What’s known about Stranger Things is painfully scant: An investigator – played by Wynonna Ryder – is charged in finding a boy who literally vanished into thin air. Naturally, weirdness ensues.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

The Get Down | Premiere:  August 12 | Network: Netflix

Love him or hate him, Baz Luhrmann knows how to create unique and wholly indulgent cinematic opuses. His latest project presents the ever-changing landscape of 1970s New York City through the spirit of music and the lives of four best friends from the South Bronx. If anything, it’ll remind one of HBO’s Vinyl but with a more raw and turbulent energy to match its young, impressive talent. | Trailer

Are any of these shows of interest to you? Are there other new series we didn’t feature that you cannot wait to see? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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