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New Trailer for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity

A new trailer for Gravity, the latest film from visionary director Alfonso Cuaron, has hit the internet, and it shows yet another glimpse of what has quickly become the must-see film of the year.


To this point, we’ve seen plenty of images from, and a teaser trailer for, Gravity, the upcoming space-thriller from Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men), but this is the first full-length trailer we’ve gotten (and the most we’ve seen of the film, outside of those who saw the footage Warner Bros. showed the crowds at Comic-Con). As you can see, Gravity is going to be fantastic.

This film has been my most-anticipated film of 2013, since the moment I first learned of it, but the more we see of it, the more other people are coming on-board. Cuaron + Space = plenty for me, but now we’re getting to see that the addition of the great acting from Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, along with great special effects and an innovative way Cuaron captured weightlessness during filming, is all adding up to something special.

As you can see, the film sees Bullock and Clooney as astronauts; an accident results in Bullock flying through space, alone. Fittingly, on the day of Futurama‘s final episode, this film will remind Futurama fans of the episode “Godfellas”, where Bender ends up in a similar situation to Bullock.

Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, and starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, floats into theaters on October 4, 2013.

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