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Indie Game Ninja Pizza Girl Incorporates Unique Gameplay

Disparity Games, an Australian indie studio, is currently working on a game which will include depression and cyber-bullying. Set in the future, Ninja Pizza Girl casts gamers as a young girl who is also a ninja and works for her father’s pizza parlor.

Ninja Pizza Girl

With fundamental gameplay similar to traditional platformers, Ninja Pizza Girl must deliver pizzas and overcome her rivals–other ninja pizza deliverers–who work for a Mega Corporation.

The twist of the game is that, instead of death, the heroine faces depression. Enemies will try to humiliate you by mocking you, verbally harassing you, and even recording your missed jumps and posting them on the internet.

Ninja Pizza Girl

The more bullying you endure, the more you give in to depression, and the game’s environments eventually become washed-out and gray. To avoid succumbing to depression, gamers will need to dodge rival ninjas and jump towards their destinations. The better you play, and the more acrobatic stunts you complete, the more colorful the world becomes and the faster Ninja Pizza Girl can run.

Provided their Kickstarter campaign funding succeeds, Disparity Games will release Ninja Pizza Girl on PC, Android, iOS, and Wii U in early 2015.

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