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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – S1E2 – Trust Me

Previously on Once Upon a Time in WonderlandDown the Rabbit Hole

I would really like a flying carpet.  A genie would be quite nice as well.

How many times have I wanted to pull a Red Queen and just say flat out that “Your problems bore me”?

This week we find out exactly how the Queen and Jafar came to join forces in their search for Alice and Cyrus. It would seem even the super powerful will always wish for more.

Meanwhile, Knave and Alice are bickering their way in search of Cyrus and we learn that the Knave of Hearts has played with more than a few hearts during his days in Wonderland.

Knave and Alice

We begin to learn of the romance between Alice and Cyrus via a series of flashbacks. Cyrus spends his life serving the pleasure of his masters.   I would now like to up the genie on my list of things that would be VERY nice to have. Truly though, their relationship has really been very romantic, like magic flowers and ruby wishes romantic. No wonder she is willing to deal with the Knave’s nonsense if he is willing to help her claim more time with her magical beau.

And who is Anastasia? Could the Knave’s heart belong to someone?

So where is everyone headed on their missions through Wonderland?  What are they all looking for?  How do you control a Genie?

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Why the bottle, of course!  Alice knew exactly where the bottle was and used this chase to find out who she could trust. The Queen used this time to gain the upper hand over Jafar.

And who betrayed Alice to give The Queen this power?

White Rabbit

Jerk Rabbit!

And in the final gesture of genuine love – a bird in a cage set his heart free. Like any true heart, Alice stands by her man and devotes herself to finding him despite his pleas to flee.

I love love!

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