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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – S1E3 – Forget Me Not

Previously on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: ‘Trust Me’

This week in Wonderland, we join our Knave in the Enchanted Forest and learn that he spent time with Robin Hood under the name Will Scarlett. Yet another reason his handsome face is peeking out of wanted posters all over Wonderland.

Meanwhile, Jafar and Duck Face…er… The Queen of Hearts, invite Cyrus to dine and reveal they have uncovered his messages with Alice.

Red Queen and Jafar


The Knave concocts the brilliant plan of obtaining a Forget Me Not to reveal who was at the bottle’s location before they arrived. Unfortunately, this involves a meeting with The Caterpillar and both the Knave and Alice seem to think this will be tricky. It appears The Caterpillar lives like a mob boss surrounded by steampunk-like characters in Underworld.

Portal Caterpillar

And of course The Knave owes him money.  At this point it may be a shorter list to state who has not been crossed by The Knave. Sadly, The Caterpillar no longer has the Forget Me Not. It is now in the possession of The Grindel.

While Alice and The Knave travel on, we are treated to more flashbacks of the Merry Men. The Knave may have been using them to collect what he and a lady (perhaps Anastasia?) need from Maleificant. He is able to convince the Merry Men to join him in a raid of the castle. He promises gold, but is obviously searching for something else.

Once Upon a Time In Wonderland S1E3

Jafar and The Queen search for something to force Alice to use a wish. When The Queen happens upon the Bandersnatch in a book, Jafar is convincved by Cyrus’s concern that this is exactly what they need to force her hand. Jafar is learning that there is more to The Queen than just an unnaturally smooth surface.

Red Queen

Alice and The Knave develop a plan to steal The Not from The Grindel. Of course they are promptly captured before they can even begin to start their brilliant heist.


The observe The Grindel watching a couple in a magic mirror. The Knave uses this as a point of contact to reach out to The Grindel. He explains his knowledge of the pain of lost love and tries to convince The Grindel to move on. The Grindel is not ready for closure.


The Grindel


Alice pulls a Houdini and escapes her ties and the duo is just about to escape when the Bandersnatch arrives.  It turns out the Bandersnatch is no longer Alice’s greatest fear due to knowledge Cyrus has given her. She is able to save herself, Knave, and Grindel; alerting Jafar and The Queen to Cyrus’s deception. It was not a magic mirror but The Not The Grindel had been looking through.He passes The Not to Alice as he no longer needs it to hold on to the memory of his wife.

Jafar and The Queen are in pursuit and take out The Grindel before joining The Caterpillar.

Alice and The Knave look through The Not and learn The White Rabbit was the one who stole the bottle for The Queen.

One final flashback shows The Knave gave up his life with the Merry Men when he stole a looking glass to free himself and his love Anastasia to enter another world. For the first time we see the star of his tale of heartbreak… a pre-collagen and pre-crown Red Queen! And where were they headed? Wonderland, of course.


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