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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – S1E4 – The Serpent

Back from the Halloween break, we rejoin our friends in Wonderland as they take time to wonder about things past, and wander while they wonder.

The Catepillar has sent Collectors to find The Knave. Jafar is playing boss again, demanding The Queen make up for her secrets by delivering Knave.

The Knave Wanted Poster

The Queen moves quickly and thinks she can win over Jafar and protect Knave by locking him away. Jafar is not so easily pleased. Who gave Jafar rights to “Off With His Head?”

The Red Queen and Jafar

Anastasia comes through and shares an escape plot with Knave. He gives her the royal treatment and demands she carry out her execution.
Alice has been wandering with one of the Collectors named Lizard, who reveals she knew Knave in his life as Will Scarlett. She has no further information on Anastasia, but genuinely cares for Knave. Leading them to be two of the few in the crowd not cheering for Knave’s execution.

The axe comes down upon our dear Knave’s ropes and the executioner’s hood is removed to reveal Alice. They jump into a catapult and escape over the wall.

Jarar and The Queen quickly find the escapees and Jafar begins to toy with Knave in an attempt to force wishes from Alice. She makes a wish that she will die if Knave dies, but not before Alice hears Knave call out to Anastasia for help.

Knave is protected and Jafar turns his attention to Alice. She swears she will never use wishes to save herself and deliver Cyrus to Jafar. Jafar sees her weakness is her loyalty to friends and promises to attack those she loves in Wonderland until all of her wishes are gone. He turns Knave to stone and flies away on his carpet. Alice tries to appeal to what is left of Anastasia in The Queen. It seems only The Knave can still reach the young love trapped in the evil woman who remains.

Jafar pays a visit to Cyrus to rub in his victory in forcing Alice to use a wish. Little does he know Cyrus has spent this time manipulating a wishbone into a pick for his cage.


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