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Once Upon a Time – S3E16 – It’s Not Easy Being Green

Previously, on Once Upon a Time: “Quiet Minds

The Quick and Dirty:

Zelena still has Gold captive and treating him like her wicked marionette. Regina and Zelena engage in the most magical of death matches. We learn who is the Wizard of Oz. Neal is laid to rest. Robin and Regina grow closer. Hook plays stepdaddy to Henry. Emma, Charming and Snow continue to be heroic.

Ten Takeaways from this week’s Once Upon a Time:

  1. Zelena is a proper orphan. Cora abandoned her in a basket and sent her off to Oz. She was not the product of a relationship that would get Cora the prestige she desired. If OUAT were The Game of Thrones, would her name be Zelena Brickroad?
  2. Rumpelstiltskin was awful, but a good judge of character. He played the game of which sister should cast the spell? While Zelena was the most powerful, she could not control her envious nature and in the end, Regina was the chosen one.

Once Upon a Time | Rumpel Zelena

  1. Zelena turns green with envy. This makes WAY more sense than her being born green. I like this take on how she turned into the person she is. Her character is still a snooze-fest.
  2. Don’t bring your heart to a witch fight. Probably the oddest advice I’ve heard on a show, but it saved Regina in the end.
  3. It is revealed in present day in front of the entire town that Regina and Zelena are indeed sisters. She obtained blood from Regina to open the crypt. If they are of the same blood, why couldn’t she use her own?

Once Upon a Time | Regina, Zelena, and Gold

  1. Zelena is collecting items for a spell to turn back time: Courage. A brain. A Heart. But, what does Snow’s baby have to do with it?
  2. And by the way. Zelena is wicked. Did I mention she is wicked? No, seriously she is wicked, because the show can’t seem to stop reminding the audience that she isn’t evil but wicked.
  3. Regina may just find true love if she lets someone in. Regina said that Henry was her one true love and after losing him, all was lost. Robin has definitely made his way into the picture and won her favor. So much so, she trusted him to keep her heart safe before and after her battle at the Storybrooke Corral. Maybe there is hope for these crazy kids after all.
  4. Hook and Henry spend some quality time on the shores of Storybrooke while the Wicked vs Evil Rumble in the Jungle, went down in the Town Square. Henry is catching on that things are not all that they seem in Storybrooke.
  5. Walsh was the Great and Terrible of Oz. He gifts Zelena silver slippers so she can travel to the Enchanted Forest to meet and be taught by Rumpel. This is before Zelena declares he is a charlatan and transforms him into a flying monkey.
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