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Once Upon a Time – S3E17 – The Jolly Roger

Previously, on Once Upon a Time: “It’s Not Easy Being Green

A year ago in the Enchanted Forest

Hook returns to the Enchanted Forest and his swashbuckling ways. First order of business: rob a carriage traveling with a trunk full of gold. Success! During their celebration Boatswain Smee offers Hook a night of fun in the form of a bar wench. Hook pretends to oblige and pays the young woman to leave. Still holding a flame for Miss Swan perhaps? Distracted, a woman puts a dagger to his neck. It’s Ariel. She is searching for Prince Eric who is being held captive on the Jolly Roger. Her plan is foiled because Hook no longer has possession of her.  With a glimmer in his eyes, he devises a plan to steal his ship from Blackbeard, the current owner. Smee is hesitant but goes along with the plan and Ariel joins them. That girl is cuckoo for Eric Puffs. Sheesh.

Once Upon a Time | Hook and Blackbeard

Hook, Smee and Ariel arrive at the Jolly Roger and go in guns blazing. Hook and Blackbeard whip out there swords and duke it out on the ship’s deck. Hook bests Blackbeard and gives him an ultimatum. Blackbeard is no punk and turns the tide on Hook. Are ye a pirate or are ye a punk? Blackbeard will lead Hook to Eric’s location only if he surrenders the Jolly Roger. If he doesn’t Blackbeard will be fed to the sharks and Ariel may not find her prince.  Hook chooses the Jolly Roger over helping Ariel. She slaps Hook and dives into the water to search for her prince.

Present Day

Ariel washes up on the shores of Storybrooke. She claims to have returned to Storybrooke with everyone else, then set out to find Eric after hearing about the mass amnesia. Uh huh.. Snow and Charming take Ariel to Granny’s in hopes of finding Hook, who is teaching Henry how to gamble. Classy. Recognizing Ariel from their past encounter, he lies about knowing about Eric then reluctantly agrees to help with the search.  Hook and Ariel venture to Gold’s shop. Belle casts a spell on Eric’s cape which should lead them to Ariel’s true love. The cape leads them back to the marina and into the ocean. Ariel weeps and thanks Hook for his help. He looks wracked with guilt. He let her down…again.

Once Upon a Time | Emma bridge

Emma asks Regina to be her magical sensai. Reggie scoffs because Emma was not so open to her tutelage previously. Reggie uses the sink or swim method. She and Emma are transported to a rope bridge that traverses a gorge. With several flicks of the wrist Emma is soon holding on for dear life, but manages to dig deep and save herself by using her powers. Regina just might be Storybrooke’s answer to Yoda.

A guilt ridden Hook meets Ariel at the docks and spills the beans about their past interaction. Ariel claims Hook doesn’t believe in true love and if he did he would speak her name. Hook confesses he is in love with Emma Swan. Ariel blows him a green kiss. Hook is stunned and confused. In a green puff a smoke Ariel is revealed to be Zelena. That’s a long way to go for a curse. She does the villain thing and reveals way too much about her plan and threatens to kill every one that Emma loves, including Henry. The curse is a kiss that will strip Emma of her powers because Zelena cannot defeat her otherwise.

Once Upon a Time | Ariel Zelena

Hook, crestfallen returns to Snow and Charming’s home only to find Reggie and Emma. He lies about Ariel’s return and Emma uses her powers to see Ariel and Eric through the looking glass. Hook makes a point to stay as far away from Emma as possible even when she invites him to dinner with the family at Granny’s. He politely declines and checks in on them from the street by using his spyglass.

Once Upon a Time | Hook Cilian Spyglass

Random Storyline of the week: Charming and Snow set out to prove they aren’t fuddy-duddies. Charming lets Henry drive his truck through town. Yes, you read that correctly, they permit a twelve year old to drive. He almost mows down some Storybrookians, but has a great time. Way to show the kid you aren’t sticks in the mud Grandma and Grandpa.

This episode was pretty light fun and twisty Emma and Regina had brief but great scenes together. Emma and Hook have wonderful witty interaction as usual. . I’ve been feeling very bitter about this season and generally dissatisfied with the turn of events since the gang returned to Storybrooke. I was so excited when they left Neverland and now I wish someone would send Zelena, her broom and her monkeys back to Oz. Episodes 18-22 are usually when the show picks back up and I am all team Regina and Gold!

What I want to see in the next few episodes:

  • Emma demonstrating her powers in significant ways. Please don’t waste her new potential awesomeness.
  • The Regina and Robin kiss. Deep passionate Storybrooke kiss. I love these two together.
  • An update on Aurora and Phillip. No make that an episode dedicated to covering the events of the past year. The flashbacks are fine but I’m tired of having amnesia with the rest of the gang.
  • Hook making a choice to be a great man.
  • The ultimate reveal that Henry is a Flying Monkey spy. Don’t make that face. Oz is a flying monkey spy, is could happen.
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