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Once Upon a Time – S3E18 – Bleeding Through

Previously on Once Upon a Time, ‘The Jolly Roger’

Zelena continues to have the mother of all mommy issues. She uses Gold to get her green hands on Regina’s heart, but doesn’t immediately use it to kill Regina. Regina realizes she must have a bigger plan in mind and decides to contact Cora to find out what it is. She performs a seance with Snow, Hook, Emma, and Charming, but it doesn’t work. We do get flashbacks that reveal Cora was knocked up by a gardener pretending to be a prince. When he learns that she’s pregnant (with Zelena, presumably), he dumps her and she’s consoled by Prince Leopold. When it turns out that the seance did work, Cora’s spirit dives into Mary Margaret and reveals that Snow’s mother, Princess Ava, is the reason Cora had to give up Zelena. After Regina banishes Cora’s spirit, the gang realizes that Zelena is collecting items for a time travel spell so she can kill Ava before Snow is ever born.

Once Upon a Time Bleeding Through



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