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Once Upon a Time – S3E19 – A Curious Thing

Previously on Once Upon a Time, ‘Bleeding Through’

Through flashbacks, we learn that Regina, Snow, and Charming cast the curse to return them to Storybrooke by Regina ripping out Charming’s heart and letting Snow crush it. He dies, but Zelena arrives to ensure that they won’t remember who they are – just as Regina designed the original curse – when they get to Storybrooke. In present day, Henry’s memories are returned so that he can believe in magic again and hopefully stop Zelena. When Regina tells Henry she loves him and kisses him, it’s her true love for him that returns everyone’s memories of the lost year. That’s how everyone learns that Snow had Regina remove her heart and give half of it to Charming so that they both could live. Hook admits to Emma that Zelena cursed him. Neal separates from Rumple long enough to send a message to Hook.

Once Upon a Time A Curious Thing




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