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Once Upon a Time – S3E2 – Lost Girl

Previously, on Once Upon a Time: “The Heart of the Truest Believer

How Snow Found Her Way

Before everyone was transported to Storybrooke, Snow White was the rebel princess and rightful heir to the Kingdom. The Evil Queen was having none of that and offered Snow a deal: You abdicate the throne and renounce all claims, OR I kill one of your followers a day. You have until sundown the following day.

Once Upon a Time | Snow Queen standoff

Snow did not feel she was fit to be queen, and decided that she was going to renounce her claim in order to save her people. Charming believed in his bride to be and wanted to show her the Queen she was destined to be. He sought the help of Rumpelstiltskin, who had no magic for sale, but knew of an object that could show Snow she was destined to be Queen.  Charming and Snow travel a half-day’s ride to find Excalibur, Snow successfully pulls the sword out of the stone and shortly after she defeats the Evil Queen in a short battle. Snow concludes the sword must have been the work of Rumpel, she confronts him; he says he had nothing to do with her finding “Excalibur” and everyone knows that sword is in Camelot. He dissolves the sword with magic and takes her necklace as payment for wasting his time. She confronts Charming about lie. I just lied to you to show you that I believe in you Baby. They kiss and she accepts that she is the rightful queen.

The Dark One Cannot Escape His Past

I cannot believe I forgot to mention this in last week’s recap. When Gold met up with Felix in the forest, Felix gave him something. A doll, the doll that Gold’s father left with him when he was abandoned. (anyone detecting a pattern)  He has been carrying it around with him during his time in Neverland.  Gold builds a fire and freezes his shadow on a large boulder. He takes out his Rumpel-blade and proceeds to cut his shadow from his feet. He casts a spell to release the shadow but not before he hands it his Rumpel-blade and tells it to hide the blade where even he can’t find it. Red-eyed and spooky the shadow flies off. Rumpel hears a noise. He turns and a cloaked figure has taken the doll and run off. He chases it down and the cloaked figure is Belle. Or is it?  He thinks believes this is some game of Pan’s, until he realizes that he is the one who conjured Belle. They spend time walking and talking about how he needs to let go of his past. He needs to be able to find forgiveness. He needs to not make the selfish choice and choose to save Henry instead of saving his own hide.  He drops the doll of the edge of the cliff into the sea. Belle disappears. He begins walking and the doll drops from the sky. He drops it on the ground and sets it ablaze. It returns 3 steps later. He grabs the doll and places it in his jacket.

Emma Accepts Herself

The Gang is drudging through the jungle in Neverland. Charming and hook are bickering about which routes to take. The make it to the overlook where they should be able to see Peter Pan’s base camp, but it is more overgrown than Hook remembers. The group decides to make camp for the night. In order to save Henry they are going to need their strength. Resting comfortably on the cool ground of Neverland, Emma hears a noise. She grabs a sword and tries to wake her parents. No one stirs. She follows the noise into the brush only to come face to face with Pan. He offers her a map that will lead her to Henry. She asks what’s the catch. He says: No catch. I keep my word. Emma opens the map and the parchment is blank. He tells her: Once you accept who you are, the map will reveal itself to you. She scoffs and he disappears.

Once Upon a Time | Regina snow charming Hook and Emma

Back at the camp: Regina is being all Regina. Let’s magic the shiz out of it and we will find Henry. Emma refuses and starts giving her curriculum vitae to the map: Sagittarius, blue eyes, enjoys Vonnegut but not Tolstoy, Henry’s mom etc… The map doesn’t budge. Mary Margaret tries to help her child open up to the map. Still not working. Regina takes the map and casts a locator spell in order to find Pan, to the discouragement of Hook and Charming. The map glows and floats away leading a path for the crew. They follow the map to Pan’s campground and they are immediately surrounded by lost boys, there is a quick fight, Charming receives a cut to the stomach and Emma stops herself from throttling one of the boys,  a cease fire is called from Pan and he is dressed in Henry’s clothes. He tells them that they broke the rules, they used magic and cheaters never win. Emma has to accept whom she is in order to find Henry.  However, by the time she finds him it will be too late. The boys vanish into the jungle. Emma feels defeated. She is focused on the map.

Charming tries to aid his daughter but Mary Margaret takes the lead. She sits with Emma and they just talk. She asks her why she spared the lost boy. Emma said she saw herself in him. The eyes of a lost child, abandoned. She saw the hopelessness she had as little girl, an orphan. She has never forgiven Charming and Snow for leaving her alone. She begins to weep and the map reveals itself. Hook asks who she is, she plays coy, he offers another flirty quip and she walks away. I like this pairing. I enjoy Neal BUT Hook is the flawed guy that Emma needs. Baby Daddy can get together with Mulan for all I care. Pan appears to Emma in his Pan get up and says she can now find Henry, but it will be too late. He will be an Orphan and you will be one of Us.  This man-boy is a little bastard.

Charming ducks off, he is clutching his side. He lifts his shirt and reveals where he was injured earlier in the day. There is a 3-inch cut, it is not healing and black poison is leeching into his skin. This cannot be good.

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