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Once Upon a Time – S3E4 – Nasty Habits

Previously, on Once Upon a Time: “Quite a Common Fairy

Neal has been taken hostage by Felix, after some back and forth about who’s the baddest Lost Boy. Neal breaks free from his restraints, knocks Felix out, and lets him know he is a grown, mickey-fickey man; then he hauls ass through the jungle. Gold is still trying to convince himself he can be a good man through another conversation with Belle. She has to be the most supportive hallucination ever. Neal and Gold run into each other, pilfer some weapons from two stunned Lost Boys, and set out to find Henry. Neal shows Gold that he isn’t the only one with some tricks up his sleeve, one being able to summon a squid from the ocean using a conch shell. Time to subdue a fellow magical creature in Neverland and his name is Petah Pahn.

Once Upon a Time | Snow, Emma, Tink, Hook, Charming, and Regina.

The Scooby Gang is diddling around making a plan to save Henry. One problem, they don’t have an escape plan. Tinker Bell gets sassy and tells them to call her when they have a real plan in order. Hook reveals he knows a boy who escaped Neverland, Neal. Why doesn’t anyone else know that Neal was a lost boy? Hook leads them to the cave where Bael Fire lived and hid from Pan. It is a fairly sizeable room full of cave drawings and seemingly meaningless knickknacks. Emma finds a map lantern fashioned out of a coconut candle. Hook crushes the groups dreams of escape from the Island. He taught Neal everything he knows about map making. Rule number one: Deceit. Always be the only one that can read your maps. Emma has a meltdown as she faces the “fact” that Neal is dead and she has unresolved feelings for him. Charming is still lying to the love of his life, by omitting that he is injured and will probably die.

Once Upon a Time | Pan Lost Boys Bael

There has been a series of flashbacks, surprise, Peter Pan is also the Pied Piper. Can we call a pedo a pedo here? Peter Pan’s character is reaching new creep levels. Bael is not allowed to leave the house by himself, because Rumple is scared he is going to leave and not return. After a night of terrorizing the Enchanted Forest and strong-arming townspeople, Rumple finds his home is empty and Bael is gone. The Pied Piper played his flute, and the children followed. The male children. Rumple finds Pan at the comfire hosting a dance party, with the first incarnation of The Lost Boys. Pan gives Rumple a choice: Ask Bael if he wants to come with you. If he does, I’ll never return. Rumple, fearful of Bael’s response, whips up some magic and transports himself and the boy back to his home. Bael is livid; he would have chosen Rumple if given the chance. But he wasn’t, and now he is all butt-hurt. And now we know who to blame for Peter Pan luring kids to Neverland.

Pan is having a campfire dance party with the lost boys. Some tribal music is playing and the boys are flailing around the campfire. Henry is off to the side trying to figure what the hub-bub is about. Pan plays his flute; Henry can’t hear it because he still has hope. Bael and Gold restrain pan with the squid ink and abscond with Henry. Yay!  During the kidnapping, Pan alludes to the prophecy that Henry would be Rumple’s undoing. Neal puffs his chest and tells Gold he cannot be trusted, he slips him a squid leaf mickey and runs off with a magically comatose Henry. Pan catches up with the two and takes Henry back. Poor Neal. Pan spouts off his I’m the master of all I survey speech. The Lost Boys drag Neal into the jungle. He is screaming for Henry: HENRY! HENRY! I’ll come for you!  A groggy and confused Henry wakes up at Pan’s base camp and the Lost Boys dance party is still going strong.  Henry swears he heard his father calling his name, but this can’t be true because Neal is dead. Pan plays the flute, Henry hears the music, grabs some a pair of sticks and starts cavorting with the other Lost Boys. Pan looks pleased.

More information about this magical creature that is Peter Pan is more than welcomed, but I am fearful this season is going to drag on with the Scooby Gang chasing their tails and not getting any closer to saving Henry.

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