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Once Upon a Time – S3E9 – Save Henry

Previously, on Once Upon a Time: “Think Lovely Thoughts

When Henry Meets Regina

Shortly after the curse of the Enchanted Forest is unleashed,  Rumpel and The Evil Queen have a meeting of the baddies. Rumpel  provides his usual pearls of wisdom about the price of magic. Regina has a hole in her heart and one day it will have the need to be filled.

Once Upon a Time | Snow, Regina, and Henry.

Flash forward to 11 years ago in Storybrooke.  Regina’s biological clock is ticking and she goes to Gold for a baby.  Luck has it, a child is available for closed adoption in Boston. Regina puts on her biggest most sparkling smile and dazzles the social worker.  Henry is handed to her and she falls in love instantly.  Henry cries. And cries. And cries. He cries so much that Regina believes there is something medically wrong with him and takes him to Storybrooke hospital. Of course there is nothing wrong with the baby as is proven when Mary Margaret holds Henry and he stops crying almost immediately. In the meantime, Regina is seeking help from Sidney Glass, to find the mother.  Regina receives a secured envelope revealing that Emma Snow is the mother. She is freaked and convinced the Gold is behind this “coincidence”. Regina attempts to return Henry to the adoption agency and then has a change of heart.. Umm  is that legal? Wendy’s brothers are waiting in the wings ready to adopt Henry. That Pan is mighty persistent.  Regina realizes she has to let her fears go in order to love and care for Henry deeply and truly, she makes a potion to help her forget.

Back in Neverland… again

Once Upon a Time | Regina, Emma, Snow, and Lost Boys.

Henry is passed out on the ground and the Scooby gang is fretting whether he will survive.  OUAT does not have the stones to kill a kid, who are they trying to fool.  Pan escapes and the gang give chase. They find the Lost Boys and convince them to give up Pan in exchange for safe passage and a forever home in Storybrooke. Pan is at the thinking tree. Emma, Snow and Regina find the thinking tree and wind up ensnared  by vines of regret. Regina doesn’t regret a DAMN thing. The ladies break free, Reggie takes Henry’s heart out of Pan’s chest and snags Pandora’s box.

Once Upon a Time | Regina and Henry

Back at the ship, Henry’s heart has been restored, the lost boys are onboard the ship and Gold has been set free. Things are looking up, until appears on the ship, prepared to steal Henry’s heart back but Reggie has placed a protection spell on his heart.  If he can’t have his heart he is going to take his shadow. Gold’s Spidey-senses are tingling and he finds Pan assaulting Henry in the bottom of the ship. Gold opens Pandora’s box and it draws Pan.  All is right with the world. Or is it?

Emma, Neal and Reggie work together to use the captured shadow to guide them back to Storybrooke.  Henry awakes from his slumber and takes a bowl of vittles to Felix. Felix declines until Henry starts making statements about Pan finding away, all while smirking and raising his eyebrows. It’s the invasion of the fairytale creature body snatchers!!

ANNND  I’m over it.  This is the part of the season where I stop watching, let the episodes build up and have a catch up marathon at the end of March.  But I’m committed to bringing you a recap, every week, for 22 episodes.

The Good: They are finally leaving Neverland. Regina and Gold remain the smartest and most interesting people in the room.  Hopefully we get more Hook, Neal and Emma love triangle.

The Bad: Peter Pan is still in the picture. He is laughable like a ’70s Bond villain. They are returning to painfully character heavy Storybrooke and bringing more potential characters with them.

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