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One-Punch Man – S1E11 – The Dominator Of The Universe

Previously on One-Punch Man, “Unparalleled Peril”

The penultimate episode of One-Punch Man’s first season is more or less one long battle, but it manages to move the plot along and not settle on the easy pointless eye candy. The Hero Association pulls rescue duty, the heroes turn the tide on the ground, and Saitama blazes his way to an unexpected enemy.


Damage Control

News has spread about the alien ship that wiped out City A and the heroes battling on the ground, but they don’t know about Saitama’s rampage inside it. The damage has become enough to bring Lord Boros, leader of this Dark Matter pirate band, to the bridge. One of his three best lieutenants, Geryuganshoop (basically a space octopus), is panicking over the death toll from one-punches, including Groribas, their best warrior and lieutenant who Saitama ran through like wet toilet paper last episode. Killing him gains Lord Boros’s full attention.

On the ground, the other remaining lieutenant, the five-headed Melzargard (stick with me here), is locked in battle with Atomic Samurai, naked Puri Puri Prisoner, Metal Bat, and Silver Fang. Iairon warns about the power and regeneration, but the heroes don’t listen. They’re so used to winning, they won’t think of retreating. No matter how they cut and break him, ole Melzargard keeps coming back, however, he still needs help and dispatches one of his heads to have the ship bombard his area. This head becomes the happiest flying head you’ve ever seen.


Too bad he doesn’t fly far before Metal Bat hits a double. Melzargard is unable to help but then gets a telepathic call from Geryuganshoop. While Melza tries to hold off the heroes, he and Gery argue over who needs to help who and how. The plan is for the bombardment, letting Melzargard fall back to fight Saitama, but there’s a new problem:  Metal Bat has figured out how to kill them. While bashing the bat head repeatedly, he noticed a marble that is its core. Smash it and they dissolve.

Flawless Victory

On the ship, Saitama’s rampage has slowed to a walk. At a fork, Geryuganshoop telepathically booms a warning to turn back or die, causing Saitama to admit he’s lost. Saitama takes a left, after being told right, with a mischievous grin that’s only missing a bit of drool. When Saitama crashes through the control center, Geryuganshoop pelts him with debris before unleashing his Telekinetic Gravitational Wave. The crew is glued to the ground, but Saitama only sinks in a few feet. One last hectic Telekinetic Shower of Rubble and Saitama has seen enough. Gery has wasted his powers because they aren’t needed to throw pebbles. With one weak throw of a pebble, Saitama splits Geryuganshoop’s head in half.


Our only Genos sighting comes when the hero Child Emperor detects rapidly rising energy readings coming from the ship. Another blast is coming, so the Hero Association calls their people and rescue teams back for shelter. Melzargard is down to two heads, but his tune quickly changes as the firing sequence begins. The heroes on the ground are stuck until Terrible Tornado comes to make the save while belittling everyone.


The barrage of shells are halted and reversed, causing great explosions on the ship. With the threat gone, Mumen Rider is joined by Lightning Max and Stinger for more rescue missions.

Back on the ground, Melzargard has resorted to using tentacle-like whips and the heroes have adjusted by working together. Metal Bat dodges the attacks, allowing Puri Puri Prisoner to grab the tentacles so Silver Fang can run their ramp to snatch another marble core. Another head down, but Silver Fang catches a direct hit from a Melza tentacle. After the old man flies through 3 buildings, embedding in the fourth, he’s declared dead, spurring the heroes to fight even harder.


When Ya Got That Glow

A running punch to the door and Saitama has finally reached Lord Boros’s throne room. Boros can sense the unlimited power, and to Saitama’s surprise, he’s elated to meet him. The self proclaimed “Dominator of the Universe” had been searching for him for 20 years. When he was just a traveler, pirating around, he got stuck in an all-encompassing boredom because he was too strong like a certain hero we know. A seer foretold of Saitama’s existence but Lord Boros wasn’t completely sure it was true until now. Now Saitama can rekindle his passion for fighting and “give stimulation” to his existence. This speech earns him a one-punch. To Saitama’s shock, Lord Boros doesn’t only survive, but only his armor shatters. The armor that only served to seal in his immense power. Tornado like winds erupt as Boros glows with energy. It’s time to fight, which means it’s the end of the episode.


One-Punch Man S1E11
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
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    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Action - 10/10


Say it with me class, “Another great episode.” For the first time, we had an action heavy episode where people not named Saitama got to shine, although Silver Fang may have paid the price for his. We all know how they like to play fast and loose with what it takes to kill someone, so I’m not mourning the old fart just yet. Mumen Rider continues to be the moral center of this show and it looks like he may be forming a clique. Normally, I’d eye roll his subplot into oblivion, but they’re spending enough time on him that there has to be a worthy pay off at some point. But I digress, because all else pales in comparison to the idea that Saitama has an arch nemesis. The best arches are usually the mirror images, and it doesn’t take much to draw the parallels between Boros and Saitama. Yet with just one episode left, we won’t be going too far down that rabbit hole.

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