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One-Punch Man – S1E2 – The Lone Cyborg

Previously on One-Punch Man, “The Strongest Man”

Any worries about One-Punch Man slumping in its sophomore episode were easily squashed. While there’s far less introspection, that void is filled with a new character with his own quirks. No dreams this time as the real story begins. One-Punch Man meets a new ally and more enemies.

Mosquitoes, A Cyborg, And The Naked Guy

A cloud of a new species of mosquito are carving a path of death towards the city. The city is now on threat level “Demon,” and citizens are being advised to evacuate the city, but don’t go outdoors for any reason. On One-Punch Man’s balcony, he’s having a hard time killing the one mosquito that’s bothering him. What starts out as mild slaps turns into high speed claps. A cloud of mosquitoes are already in the city, but are being tailed by the cyborg from last episode’s stinger.  Because a looter’s gotta loot, the cyborg is able to see that the mosquitoes suck the victims dry, and carry the blood to their master, Mosquito Girl. After a few introduction shots, the fight is in full swing and almost even. Armed with booster / cannons in his hands, he can’t quite keep up fighting her in the air. After batting him to the ground,  Mosquito Girl charges in and manages to spear one of his arms off. It’s not until after she gets her quip in that she realizes he took both her legs.

One-Punch Man S1E2 - Genos With Mosquito Girl Legs

Using her swarm as a shield, Mosquito Girl calls in all of her mosquitoes, reaching outside of the city, and forms a gigantic mosquito swarm cocoon. As the cyborg gears up to blow it up, One-Punch runs out trying to spray the mosquito he’s been fighting this whole time. The cyborg tries to get One-Punch Man to evacuate, but it’s too late. The cloud descends and floods the city, making it easy when the cyborg torches them in one shot. The area is destroyed and the cyborg is amazed when OPM is still alive. Alive, yet his clothes didn’t make it, but he’s covered by some smoke until a street sign leans in to make the save.

One-Punch Man S1E2 - Naked Saitama Street Sign With Genos

However, the fight isn’t over because Mosquito Girl is alive and upgraded. In a new blood-powered form, she’s stronger, faster, and tears through the cyborg. After clawing through his side, he’s batted up into the air for a 12 hit combo before she dives in for the finishing blow. As he is about to self destruct, Mosquito Girl gets hit with a slap that explodes her across the cityscape. The cyborg is in shock of this naked man when he crumples into a ragdoll on the ground. Before One-Punch Man can leave, the cyborg learns his name is Saitama, and gets permission to be his disciple.

Motor Mouth

A week later, the cyborg, Genos, is at Saitama’s door early like they agreed on. OPM never thought he would show up, and hates being called sensei or master, but stops short of sending him away. A simple question about how Genos had healed goes down a stream of conscious, yet inspiring, ramble about his past and convictions. Four years ago, his poor family, and town, were destroyed by a rampaging cyborg. Later, a “scientist for justice” by the name Dr. Kuseno, came into town during his mission to stop the cyborg. Genos promised the doc that he would kill the cyborg, and he’s been wandering from town to town doing justice since, but not finding any clues. Saitama can only take so much, and lashes out, but softens when Genos formally asks for the help to be as strong as him. OPM thinks Genos will surpass him considering the cyborg is this strong at 19 and Saitama didn’t start training until 3 years ago at 22 years old. At the House of Evolution, the scientist responsible for Mosquito Girl gets word of the naked man who defeated her with one punch. He sends a hit squad to snatch One-Punch Man for experimentation. Genos senses the first enemy seconds before he comes crashing through the ceiling. Before he can say a full sentence, he’s one-punched for the damage.  “Pay for my ceiling.”

One-Punch Man S1E2 - Mantis One Punched

Needs More Evolving

The battle is just beginning thanks to Genos sensing two more outside, but Saitama has already dealt with them before he hits the scene. OPM is pulled through the ground, leaving only his head showing, but he’s fine with it. He feels like a baby bamboo and it feels good. In a thunderous entrance Armored Guerrilla, a giant cyborg, appears behind Genos and tries to battle his way through. Genos almost gets hit when he sees Beast King (a lion monster) and Ground Dragon (a monster mole) making a move on Saitama, but he regains focus when Armored Guerrilla mentions the House of Evolution.

Meanwhile, Saitama gets tired of Beast King’s trash talk and casually rises out of their trap. After stopping Beast King’s rant to get dirt out of his “special pants place,” their fight begins. Dodging all of his attacks, One-Punch gets to dodge Beast King’s “Lion Slash:  Meteor Power Shower” before he calmly calls his “Normal Consecutive Punches.”

One-Punch Man S1E2 - Beast King Consecutive Normal Punched

Ground Dragon tries to tunnel away, but OPM cuts him off and finishes it. Saitama moves on to Genos, who has Armored Guerrilla limbless and under an ultimatum:  start talking or die. The guerrilla tries to talk tough about how he’s the third strongest, and they’ll never beat the second strongest, Beast King, until Saitama rolls up with one of Beast King’s eyes.

One-Punch Man S1E2 - Genos and One Punch Man Beast King Eye

Armored Guerrilla quickly cracks. Post credits, a room full of men are worried over the news that the hit squad was defeated. The scientist from before comes to see what is going on, and all of the men face him, showing they are all him.

One-Punch Man S1E2 - Scientist Clones

One-Punch Man S1E2
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Action - 10/10


Another great episode after a stellar first one. I’m digging the addition of the cyborg. It looks like Genos will be handling the bulk of the action scenes since, by definition, Saitama is too overpowered to have a decent one with too many opponents, so that helps keep things fresh. We finally have a villain that looks like they’ll be around for a while in The House of Evolution and it’ll be interesting to see where that leads. No complaints from me, except that it’s a week’s wait until the next one.

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