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One-Punch Man – S1E7 – The Ultimate Disciple

Previously on One-Punch Man, “The Terrifying City”

Saitama is treated to some more Al Bundy type luck this week when his usual recklessness doesn’t cut it. It’s a different world when people know who you are, and not everyone has common sense. Saitama saves the city after Genos and a few other class S heroes fail, but nothing is as simple as he thinks.

 One-Punch Man S1E7 - Silverfang

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An emergency call is underway to all class S heroes for a giant meteor that suddenly shifted course. The threat level dragon meteor is on a collision course with City Z that will destroy it and badly damage the surrounding cities. At the City Z Hero Association building, Genos arrives to find it evacuated except for the only other class S hero to show up, Bang. Ranked at 3, Genos respects the old man’s skill, but commits the faux pas of not using his hero name, Silverfang. He explains that class S heroes are only called in for the impossible missions, so many don’t show up whether out of cowardice or callousness. The situation is hopeless, the city is only being evacuated with 30 minutes left, and he’s only staying because he can’t abandon the  dojo that’s been in his family for generations. Before Silverfang can finish his “Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rock” stance, Genos is gone.

More Stark Than Tony

The people evacuating have begun to give up while above them Genos is determined to save the day. Speeding across the rooftops, Genos activates his prototype arms, and is about to shoot, but is interrupted by a mecha remix of Iron Man’s suit. Genos recognizes him as Bofi, but the Metal Knight also has to correct him about using hero names. Metal Knight is a killer at first impressions since he refuses to help Genos. He’s only there to field test his weapon, plus the suit is only a drone, so there’s nothing on the line for him.

One-Punch Man S1E7 - Metal Knight Genos with Meteor

His great new weapon turns out to be a fleet of missiles that make big explosions but have no effect. Genos begins to power his Incinerator Cannon and obsess over possible outcomes until Bang calms him. Over thinking things won’t help, he has to just act because muddling through is the best option sometimes. Genos instantly makes the connection to Saitama’s way of life and decides to go all out. After opening his chest again, Optimus Prime style, and pulling out his core, that looks like the old school Matrix of Leadership sans handles, Genos plugs it into his arm. The cyborg puts everything he has into his not-kamehameha blast, complete with awestruck, overmatched martial arts hero as a witness.

One-Punch Man S1E7 - Genos Core Arm and Kamehameha

Bang thinks it seems to be working, but it was just his imagination. Genos’s power depletes and he falls to his knees before Saitama comes to make the save. In a flash, Saitama punches through the core of the meteor, shattering it into raining pieces over the city. As Saitama admires his handiwork, the city explodes around him.

Monday Morning Hero

Three days later, Genos still thinks if Saitama had taken his place, and worked with Metal Knight, the damage wouldn’t have been severe. Saitama sees the damage as minimal, especially since miraculously no one died, but Genos doesn’t have the heart to tell him that some people blame him for the damage. Nevertheless, Genos and Metal Knight moved up a spot in rankings, 16 and 6 respectively, while Saitama skyrocketed from 342 to 5th in class C. He had done class A / S level work dealing with a dragon level threat, but Genos and Metal Knight received some credit, and the severity of the city’s destruction worked against him. During an explanation on threat levels, Saitama says his first usable piece of philosophy that Genos can use about heroes standing their ground. Shocked for a moment, Genos scrambles to archive the moment while a reinvigorated Saitama heads out for a patrol. As usual, Genos must stay since any hero credit would go to him.

One-Punch Man S1E7 - Saitama vs Tank Top Tiger and Blackhole

TT Bros

Although City Z was saved as a whole, it lies in ruins. Saitama mourns the wreckage of his favorite supermarket, while groaning that the apartment complex that kicked him out was still perfectly standing next to it when class B heroes Tank Top Tiger and his big brother, Tank Top Blackhole appear. Convinced that he cheated his way up the rankings, taking class S credit, they’re going to teach him a lesson, but rather ran attack Saitama head on, Blackhole has a better idea. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Tank Top Blackhole begins to accuse Saitama of gloating over the destruction he caused when he screwed up and left everyone homeless. Soon a crowd begins to form that takes Tank Top Blackhole’s bait hook, line, and sinker. Silverfang watches from a distance as the crowd demands Saitama give up being a hero. Bang would speak up if he didn’t think it was best for Saitama. He doesn’t want to see the strongest man he’s ever seen “rust in the system.”

Now that the crowd is at a fever pitch, TT Blackhole now accuses Saitama of readying to fight, proclaiming that he and his brother will save them. Tank Top Tiger fights like a tiger, and Tank Top crushes with 2,800 psi. TT Tiger pounces, only be swatted through the air like trash, giving TT Blackhole pause for a moment. Stuck with his pride, Blackhole attacks, giving up immediately after Saitama grabs his hand and effortlessly crushing it. Tank Top Blackhole apologizes for everything, including their lies, but Saitama cuts him off. Saitama announces they weren’t lying about him smashing the meteor and dares the crowd to complain.

One-Punch Man S1E7 - Saitama Crushing Tank Top Blackhole

In the stunned silence one man begins to talk about his totaled brand new car until Saitama snaps back with “shut your damn mouth!” He’s not a hero for their love or approval, Saitama does it because he wants to. He’s about to explode when calling the crowd “baldies” backfires, but Genos walks up to convince him to come home. On the walk home, Saitama is still stewing on the new car guy leading Genos to open up a bit. No matter how the public see Saitama, Genos will follow him because he’s never met so amazing, which Saitama dismisses as an attempt to kiss up. Post credits, there’s talk of an amazing class C hero who smashed the meteor in City Z. It’s still seen as a rumor, but some also blame him for the TT Bros. Meanwhile, a troop of underwater monsters are making their way to the city.

One-Punch Man S1E7
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Action - 7/10


As usual, I enjoyed this episode, but it was a bit uneven. One-Punch Man is so powered up, it’s a testament to the writing that we haven’t had this problem before. The second the TT Bros appeared, we all knew what was coming next. However, they do get points for not making the Bros rush head in, but instead using the mob mentality against Saitama. In turn, that earned us the back and forth between Saitama and the crowd. What started as a parody on action animes is starting to deconstruct the superhero genre. The Hero Association isn’t that far from The Avengers Initiative or Justice League. Next episode looks like it’ll be a return to action with the underwater monsters showing up, but not for two weeks. Next week is a marathon of the episodes shown, so we can still technically get our fix, technically.

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