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One-Punch Man – S1E8 – The Deep Sea King

Previously on One-Punch Man, “The Ultimate Disciple”

It’s been a long two weeks but One-Punch Man is finally back. Returning on a setup episode stings, but it’s not all that bad with the other heroes leading the charge. That is, if the payoff is worth it. The heroes battle the invasion of the Seafolk and their king while Saitama, Genos, and Mumen Rider try to find the action.


I Told You So

Mumen Rider pedals at top speed to catch the sea monster that was yelling about an impending invasion, but, by the time he arrives, Saitama has already struck and left. Stuck with only the lower half of the monster, Mumen begins to do some digging on Saitama. Regardless of the mixed views of him, Saitama’s now ranked second in class C. Two more spots and he’ll be out of his hero quota. As promised, the next day the Seafolk Clan invasion begins in City J only to be halted by class A rank 11 hero Stinger. The alert to the other heroes is sent as Stinger dishes, and takes, major punishment. Stringer unleashes his “Gigantic Drill Stinger, Quadruple Thrust” to defeat the last four monsters, but the celebration is cut short. The Deep Sea King has arrived.


Puri Young Thing

The threat level is already tiger before the Hero Association gets wind of Stringer’s defeat. While Genos and Saitama split up, racing to the fight, lower tier heroes are joining the civilians in the evacuation. Only class C Mumen Rider rides in. On the rooftops, class A, rank 20, Lightning Max has his decision to fight ahead of backup made for him when the Deep Sea King appears behind him. While spouting frightened, high pitched babble, Max unleashes a lightning kick that barely stings Sea King. Some tough talk and a Sea King punch later, Lightning Max is knocked across the street into another building. A desperate “Lightning Flying Backwards Roundhouse Kick” has no effect, ending with him barreling towards the street to be saved by Puri Puri Prisoner, who escaped just to see him. Speed O’ Sound Sonic also escaped behind him but is surprised to find out Puri Puri knows who he is. Puri Puri has a habit of looking into handsome boys who catch his eye. Admittedly, it’s why he’s serving a life sentence. With no self control he must “take him.” If that and his overt effeminatity haven’t tipped you off, yes, he’s gay.


Puri Puri Prisoner hardens when Sea King arrives. The king took out 2 heroes Puri Puri had eyes for, so he goes half powered and accidentally rips the hand knit heart sweater from his boyfriend. Enraged after a quick freak out, Puri Puri and Deep Sea King trade blows leading to a broken, but quickly repaired jaw for the King. Puri Puri Prisoner talks tough, but he’s hurting. Jumping to full power, Puri unleashes his “Angel Style” through a shortened Sailor Moon transformation that leaves him nude. Puri Puri launches into his “Angel Rush,” a combination of punches so powerful that Genos senses it from a distance. But again, Deep Sea King is unphased, and finishes him in three punches.

And Then There Were Two

Although Sonic isn’t a hero, he has no love for Deep Sea King. Rain begins to fall (along with what seemed to be a remix of The Ultimate Warrior’s music) as Sea King goes on the offensive but can’t land one hit. Sonic is too fast for him but isn’t strong enough to do any damage back. In a move that would make Guillermo Del Toro pop, Deep Sea King fires out his tongue from The Strain’s strigoi / Blade 2‘s reapers (you pick, I can’t do all the work here guys.) Sonic manages to make the king bite it off, but the Deep Sea K is growing stronger in the rain.


The surface atmosphere had shrunken and weakened him. Now with a steady flow of water, he’s not only growing bigger, but exponentially more powerful too. Seeing the writing on the wall, Sonic escapes, leaving his clothes in Deep Sea King’s clutches.

In the evacuated city, Mumen Rider is still trying to make his way to the fight despite being stopped at a red light. He instantly recognizes the lost Saitama, who hitches a ride on the back of his bike. Meanwhile, Amai Mask is promoting his new single on a talk show when he’s asked about the now demon level threat. Cementing his legacy as a giant douche, he waxes poetic about what a hero needs to be and his hopes that all heroes will train to be their best. Class A rank one Amai is only a hero when he confronts evil, otherwise he’s focused on his acting, singing, and modeling.


The Last Wet Stand

Genos is still making his way to the battle when he comes across Sonic. The naked ninja drops a warning full of disdain for heroes before speeding off and leaving Genos to wonder who that pervert was. Before he can really ponder the point, Genos senses Deep Sea King is at the evacuation shelter. He has no signal to call Saitama, so he just rushes ahead. At the shelter, a lone class c hero steps up to declare surrender, but the king doesn’t care because they are food. All Back-Man tries to buy time, but he knows it’s so hopeless that he pees his pants. But before the pee can get cold, three heroes, including Senk step up to help. With two class C’s, a B, and an A (albeit the lowest ranked A), they feel they have a chance. Of course, they’re horribly wrong and are beaten handily off screen. The Deep Sea King’s massacre is cut off before it can begin when Genos appears in the ceiling hole.

Meanwhile, Saitama hops off of Mumen Rider’s bike after catching a glimpse of the streaking Sonic. After he splits to investigate, Mumen gets the call about the shelter and heads the other direction. In a rush, the Mumen Rider speeds off in “Stand-Up Peddling Mode: The Roar Of Justice” and drop his phone. A moment later, when the Hero Association calls back, Saitama picks up. Once the two sides realize who they’re talking to, Saitama switches to his serious face and the Hero Association agent already has an idea brewing. Shout-out to everyone who waited for the post credits scene only to find nothing. It’s like the Tooth Fairy took your tooth and left nothing but navel lint, right?


One-Punch Man S1E8
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Action - 8/10


For the first time we get an episode without Saitama’s one-punch. This week was all about building up Deep Sea King as a threat and getting a deeper look into the world of Hero Association heroes. It’s risky, but they pull off the writing for the most part. Most of them accept the status quo, some are in to exist, and some, like Mumen Rider, aspire to be more. Not everyone can be a tailbone like Amai Mask, even if they are shown in a negative light at some point. There’s something noble deep inside Senk, even after he tried to rookie-bash Saitama. Depth in your B or C-level characters is a sign of good writing. The weak link this go around was the action, but that’s part of the point. These guys aren’t going to push DSK like Saitama can, and he’s mostly going to tear through them like wet toilet paper. I get all that, but it doesn’t change what we see on the screen. Next week, we’ll get Genos, and Saitama, in action, so I have no doubt we’re in for something big.

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