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Orphan Black – S1E7 – Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner

Previously on Orphan Black, ‘Variations Under Domestication’

We open in Cosima’s way-too-pricey-for-a-student house where she is Skyping Sarah. Sarah is talking about how Paul has gone to see Olivier and still hasn’t checked in. She isn’t sure that they can trust Paul.

– Cut to –

Olivier is questioning Paul, who is not too happy about it. He is not being particularly forthcoming, so we can assume that he is indeed on Sarah’s side.

Back to the clones, where Sarah is telling Cosima not to trust Delphine. Cosima is not at all cooperative. They wonder whether there is anything else coming their way. This is, of course, the last thing you want to say if you want to avoid jinxing yourself, which means that – drumroll – Helena is back. She is tripping out, as she does, and Thomas is dripping water on her forehead in a way that I assume is meant to make her feel better. He tells her that she is getting stronger. This can’t be good for our heroes.

Felix and Sarah roll up to some sinister club in search of Paul. They spot his car out the front, so they know they are in the right place.

At the cop shop, Art and gang have just realized that Helena and Katja’s DNA match. They are thoroughly confused. Lady cop thinks that Beth might have tampered with the samples, but Art won’t have any of that.

Back with Sarah, her and Felix are sitting outside the club planning their next move. Sarah wants to go in, but Felix volunteers in her place, given how recognizable she is. Plus, as he puts it, clubland is his world. The club is called Neolution – hey, just like what creepy Dr. Leekie was talking about last week. The plot thickens (not that it needed to, it’s pretty much a solid at this point). Felix has some trouble getting into the place; apparently it’s pretty exclusive! He is approached by a lady with a wacky silver eye, and is able to bluff his way in by mentioning Olivier. She gives him a tour of the trippy blue-tinged club.

Felix Orphan Black S1E8

Back with Paul, Olivier is questioning him about his and Beth’s sex life. Olivier tells him that someone is killing off the subjects.

This, of course, brings us right back to Helena, where she is telling Thomas about the connection she felt with Sarah. He is shocked that she could believe such a thing, and hits her cup out of her hand.

Felix spots Paul and follows him out of the club. Paul grabs him and asks why he was following him, before Sarah breaks them apart and introduces them.

Thomas sends Helena to find Sarah. He says, “The path to the shepard is through the sheep”, which certainly gave me the wiggins. He gives her a razor blade to use to get info out of Sarah before she kills her. She, of course, uses it to enhance the scar wings on her back. It seems that they have been hiding out on an out ship.

Paul is questioning Sarah somewhat aggressively about what she knows about the person killing them. She says she knows nothing. He is pretty concerned about keeping her safe. How sweet.

She heads to her car and sees Helena in the reflection. She is just here to talk. In what is quite possibly the best scene of anything ever, the two lovely ladies head out to lunch together. Helena slurps down on a whole lot of food, particularly enjoying some red jelly with extra sugar. She tells Sarah that she was raised in a convent in the Ukraine. She pushes her foot into Sarah in a somewhat threatening manner and tells her that she will kill her unless she tells her who the other clones are. In a more threatening manner, Sarah pulls a knife on her. Helena gives her a number and tells her that she has until midnight to give her the names, or she dies first.

Back with the cops they are going through Beth’s paperwork. They figure out that the figure print results aren’t there, so they go to do some more. Uh oh.

Olivier gets a call from Dr. Leekie, who tells him that Beth is not Beth.

Sarah calls Cosima and tells her about Helena’s visit. Cosima says that maybe they should tell Olivier about Helena, but she isn’t sold. They put together that there is a connection between Leekie and Olivier, but in the process, Cosima reveals that she had been spending time with Delphine. They hang up on each other with a synchronized “Bitch”. Nature – 1, Nurture – 0. Delphine comes to Cosima’s door.

Paul is surprised in his robe by Olivier and the chick with the silver eye from the club. Olivier tells him that the person killing the subjects looks just like Beth.

That night, Helena breaks into the apartment while Sarah spends an evening with Kira, Felix, and Mrs. S.

Helena goes through Beth’s apartment in a very similar fashion to what Sarah had done when she first took Beth’s identity. But with more sniffing.

Mrs. S is giving Sarah a crash course in politics under Thatcher. Apparently Mrs. S ran a safe house for refugee children and the like. A mysterious man called Carlton had brought Sarah to her, and told her to get her out of the country, and that is how Felix and Sarah found themselves in the grand old US of A (or Canada, I’m a little fuzzy on the geography).

Orphan Black S1E8

Cosima and Delphine are out at a fancy restaurant when Dr. Leekie turns up unexpectedly. Delphine goes to invite him over.

Art and Lady cop (whose name seems to be Angie) are at the morgue. Angie is loving it. They take another set of prints.

Cosima is questioning Leekie about the cloning that his company is involved in.

Paul is at the club. Olivier tells him that Beth is an imposter from Europe. Paul is not too keen about whatever Olivier is asking him to do, but he relents after Olivier brings up Afghanistan. Whatever he did there must have been a doozy.

Leekie tells the ladies that they should think about applying to work at his institute.

As she is leaving Mrs. S’ house, Sarah she gets a call from Paul. He is being watched by Olivier, but instead of luring her back he tells to run, and gets injected for his troubles.

Instead of taking his great advice, Sarah heads over to the club to rescue Paul. She comes up with a plan, and calls Helena. In another stellar Helena scene, she is sitting down for a lovely chat with a photo of Paul. She gets Sarah’s call and Sarah asks her to meet her.

At the club, Sarah tells Felix that if she’s not out in 15 minutes that he should call Art and tell him the truth. Shit must be getting serious if Sarah is advocating for the truth. Felix tells her not to die and it is very sweet.

Sarah heads to the club basement where she is met by the creepy silver chick.

Paul meanwhile is getting beat up by Olivier while cabled tied to a chair. Luckily, Sarah arrives to save the day. She gives Olivier Helena’s fishy knife. Felix is pretty stressed sitting out in the car alone.

Aww, Paul nuzzles Sarah with his head, how very cute. She tries to tell Olivier about Helena but he is a bit distracted by her presence. He starts to pull down his pants to show her his tail, but he is distracted by a call from Leekie. The silver woman ties her up and takes her downstairs as Olivier and Paul watch on the monitors.

They stop watching and out of nowhere Helena comes and knocks out Sarah’s captor with a pipe. Olivier notices something odd about what is happening on the monitors. He heads downstairs, but when he pulls of the prisoner’s hood it is actually Helena under there. He holds her at knifepoint, but she gets the better of him. She makes him show her his tail. In possibly the most emasculating scene I have ever seen, Helena cuts off Olivier’s tail. That shit looks painful.


Orphan Black Olivier


Sarah grabs Paul and they get out of there. Felix has waited too long and calls Art. He starts to tell him about Beth, but luckily Sarah gets out before he can spill too much.

Helena pauses her murder times for a nice little dance party in the club.

Orphan Black Helena

Back at Felix’s the three debrief. It turns out Sarah got Helena off her back by telling her her own name. Paul and Sarah are crashing at Felix’s because the apartment won’t be safe anymore.

Cosima kisses Delphine! Delphine looks a bit flummoxed by the whole thing, and gets the hell out of there.

Over at the cop shop, they have discovered that the dead gal’s prints match that of one Sarah Manning. This wouldn’t alarm them quite so much if the file didn’t show exactly how similar Sarah looks to Beth.

Next Week on Orphan Black: Alison is back! Hooray!

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