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Orphan Black – S1E8 – Entangled Bank

Previously, on Orphan Black: “Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner

The episode starts at the police station. Art is pretty unnerved by the similarity between Beth and Sarah. He keeps comparing an ID badge of Beth’s to the picture of Sarah on his computer screen, and throwing out ideas about twins and doppelgangers. Close but no cigar Art! Him and Lady Cop head to inform Sarah Manning’s next of kin of her apparent demise.

At Felix’s place, Paul and Sarah are snuggling in bed. Paul ruins the afterglow by talking shop. Felix comes home and isn’t hugely pleased about the home invasion. Sarah gets a call from Alison. She is home early from couples camp because her and Donny are getting a divorce. She is somewhat manic, as per usual. Her nosey neighbor Ainsley sneaks into the house, ostensibly to water the plants. Alison is not buying it.

Kira’s painting fun times are interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Art, come to inform Mrs. S of Sarah’s death. Mrs. S is not being very forthcoming with the coppers. They ask her if Sarah could have a sister.

Sarah is Skyping Cosima. They bicker about Neolution, and Sarah shuts the computer on her. Felix and Sarah discuss Alison’s marital situation. Felix is pretty damn certain that Ainsley is the Monitor.

At Alison’s place she sets about questioning Ainsley. She’s not particularly subtle about it. Ainsley tells Alison that she need some “me” time, and, Monitor or not, I kinda agree with her.

Olivier is face down on a table being looked over by a doctor. Paul watches on and waits for him to wake up.

Delphine gets into a suspicious black car. Dr. Leekie is inside, and tells her to dig deeper into Cosima, whatever it takes.

On Helena’s wacky boat she entertains herself by eating sugar and sniffing Sarah’s coat. In a coat pocket she finds a letter from Kira. Uh oh.

Sarah and Felix are being cute and sibling like. She keeps poking him with her foot. Mrs. S storms in. She is not too pleased about her morning visit from the police. She asks for more info on what the hell is going, but Sarah asks her to hold out for a bit.

At the cop shop Art just found out about the other dead Sarah on the train tracks. While he’s mulling this over, Sarah comes in! She is trying to bluff her way through this by being Beth. She is very good at pulling out the shocked routine when the cops pull out a photo of Sarah.

Alison and Ainsley get into a fight at the ice rink about who gets to teach the kids to skate.

Art and Lady Cop are pulling the good-cop bad-cop routine. Art does not make a very good good-cop and SarahBeth storms out of there. They pull her prints from the picture of Sarah that she held.

Orphan Black S1E8

Leaving the rink, Alison spots Ainsley’s husband smoking a sneaky joint in the car park. She joins him.

Olivier is awake. His tough guy routine is not too effective on ex-soldier Paul. It turns out Olivier’s real name is Kevin and he’s a sex offender. Colour me shocked.

Alison is having some fun flirting with Ainsley’s cute hubby. They start making out not too subtly in the car.

Orphan Black S1E8

Delphine swings by Cosima’s place. Cosima apologizes for having kissed her and says that all she wants is to make crazy science with her. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Delphine says that she is really glad to have finally met someone who speaks her language, which is ironic given that she’s not telling her this in her native tongue. On the subject of tongues, Delphine says that she can’t stop thinking about the kiss that they shared. She starts babbling about the scientific basis of bisexuality, and the two proceed to make some crazy science together.

Back at the ice rink, Alison and Ainsley’s husband are also making crazy science, much to the horror of the parents of the children walking past the car. She drives home singing along to Meredith Brooks’ ‘Bitch’. Her rocking out is interrupted by Ainsley walking out into the street in front of her car. She is as upset as you’d expect and the two start wrestling on the street.

Orphan Black S1E8

Art and Lady Cop head down to see Colin in the morgue. They are pretty disturbed to see the picture of Beth’s body. Colin calls Felix and warns him that the cops are on their way, just as Alison shows up drunk on his doorstep. Sarah shuffles her off and the gals bond over their brawling skills.  Sarah wonders if maybe it would be best to just tell the truth to everyone.

Orphan Black S1E8

On the boat Helena is curled up in a fetal position talking to Sarah’s pictures of Kira. She notices that the envelope has a return address on the back.

Paul tells Olivier that he won’t tell the cops about who he really is if he says there was only one clone at the club the night his tail got cut off. Leekie arrives.

Orphan Black Paul and Olivier

Cosima and Delphine are in bed. Delphine is crying, but it’s okay because she does that after sex with boys too, apparently. Cosima heads to the shops to get them some ice creams, and Delphine sets about searching through her stuff. She finds Cosima’s clone family tree, which unfortunately has Kira on it.

In the hospital, Olivier is telling Leekie Paul’s story about how Helena took his tail. They are kicked out of there by the doctor. Leekie is pretty pleased with Paul’s work. He gets a call from Delphine. She has him confirm to her that Cosima will be safe, before giving him the names of all the clones. She doesn’t mention Kira though, so that’s something.

Sarah heads to Mrs. S to tell her the truth. She brings Alison along as a visual aid. She is still very drunk. She starts sobbing about Donny. She also tells Sarah that she is the only one of them who isn’t fucked up. Mrs. S takes her to the guest bedroom.

Felix pulls out the grieving sibling routine for Art. They leave, but not before Art figures out that Felix was the one who called and hung up the night before.

A mysterious fake doctor poisons Olivier, at Leekie’s command. I personally am glad that he’s gone.

Mrs. S is telling Sarah as much as she knows about her history. She thinks that she might have been the subject of medical testing as a baby.

Helena is here! Kira opens the door to her. Sarah notices that the door is ajar, and runs out into the street shouting for Kira. Her and Helena are just strolling along. Helena gets pretty shaken up when Kira hugs her. She lets her go back to her mum. HOLY SHIT! Walking across the street, Kira is plowed down by a car!!! That does not look promising.

Orphan Black S1E8

Next week on Orphan Black: Kira goes to hospital, Paul chats to Leekie, and Alison gets an intervention!

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