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Orphan Black – S1E9 – Unconscious Selection

Previously on Orphan Black, ‘Entangled Bank’

Orphan Black S1E9 Hospital

The episode opens in an ambulance racing Kira to the hospital. Sarah is understandably pretty fucking upset. Kira is rushed into an emergency room and Sarah is left outside to be comforted by Mrs. S and Felix. Alison heads to Felix’s place to crash (and keep out of the way). The doctors are pretty surprised by Kira’s condition. It seems that she’s more okay than she should be after being smooshed by a car. Sara is relieved to hear it, and she promises to keep her safe.

Orphan Black S1E9 Kira Hospital

Back on Helena’s dank ol’ boat she is freaking out. Thomas doesn’t believe her when she says that Kira is Sarah’s daughter.

At the police station, Lady cop is telling Art that they have to bring Beth in. He gives himself until the end of the day figure it out.

Thomas is yelling at Helena for not bringing back the child. She gets a call from Sarah, but refuses Thomas’ order to set a trap for her.

Dr. Leekie is at the apartment with Paul. He says that Helena is his white whale.

At Felix’s place, Alison busies herself by cleaning up. Felix is not so pleased about this. Alison asks Felix if she can stay at his place while she finds herself a place, and he reluctantly agrees. She also gets him to agree to be her wingman in a trip back to the ‘burbs.

Sarah calls up Cosima to ask her if the reason Kira is okay is because of clone science magic. Paul arrives at Mrs. S’ place, and she is impressed!

Thomas is not happy with Helena. He locks her in a cage, as you do.

Cosima’s geeky friend brings her back the genetic sequencing. Delphine swings by to say hi.

Sarah gets a call from Art. He wants to talk to her, off the record.

The dynamic duo (Felix and Alison) head the suburbs, where they are surprised to find all her friends and family gathered for an intervention. She gets a bit upset and rushes upstairs.

Sarah and Art head to the quarry for a secretive meeting. He asks if she knows who Felix is, but she denies it.

Helena is kicking about in her cage like a wild animal. She takes off her belt and starts throwing it to try and grab a hook off the wall.

Cosima gives Sarah a call to tell her that they aren’t genetically identical. Sarah asks her if she told Delphine anything. Paul brings Dr. Leekie to meet with Sarah. He’s blindfolded, of course. He tells her that there is a lot he doesn’t know about the operation. She asks him to tell her everything he knows. He says they have a common enemy in Helena and Thomas. He wants her to bring in Helena so that they can deprogram her. He says that they can work together, but Sarah is far from convinced.

Delphine heads over to Cosima’s place. Cosima is not a happy chappy! She shows Delphine a picture of her and Dr. Leekie that she found online. Delphine gives her big puppy dog eyes and tells her that she was only trying to protect her, but Cosima is not having it.

Orphan Black S1E9 Delphine

Alison has locked herself in a bathroom to cry. She tells Ainsley and the other soccer mums that she’ll only talk to Felix, which makes him decidedly smug.

She takes some pills. Felix objects to her self-medication only so much as to secure some sharesies from her. She doesn’t think that she can go back out there, but Felix bucks her up!

Orphan Black S1E9 Alison and Felix

Art is checking out the train station where Beth jumped.

Sarah calls Helena, but there’s no answer because she’s still locked in a cage. She is talking over the pros and cons of turning in Helena with Mrs. S.

Cosima is packing up a bag. Delphine is trying to talk to her. She tells her that she never told anyone about the anomaly that is Kira, and that she never would. Cosima screams for her to get out, but Delphine tells her that she has fallen for her. When she tells her that she’d never been with a woman before, Cosima retorts by saying that it showed, which of course made Delphine look like a puppy that’s been kicked. She storms out, leaving Cosima crying.

Art is checking out the surveillance footage from the station, and realizes that it was Beth, not Sarah, who jumped.

Helena reaches her phone using her belt and gives Sarah a call, asking for help. Paul and Mrs. S tell her that she should turn her in to Leekie, but she isn’t sure. Kira wakes up. She tells Sarah that the accident wasn’t Helena’s fault. Sara grabs her gun and leaves without telling the others.

Alison is back at the intervention. She snaps at Ainsley, and Donny backs her up and kicks everyone out.

Orphan Black S1E9 Alison

Sarah arrives at Helena’s boat and finds the caged Helena. She gets ready to shoot her in the head, but can’t do it. Instead, she unlocks her. Helena gives her a hug, much to her displeasure. Thomas walks in and Helena grabs Sarah’s gun. She isn’t sure who to point it at.  Sarah convinces her that Thomas would hurt Kira.

Orphan Black S1E9 Helena

She gives Sarah back the gun and throws herself at Thomas, gouging his eyes out with her thumbs. Sarah locks him in a cage and then puts Helena in her car boot. She calls Mrs. S and tells her that she is going to give her to Leekie, but Mrs. S tells her to bring her back instead.

Paul and Leekie arrive just as Sarah drives off. He calls up a mysterious woman to tell her that Sarah didn’t show. She is almost certainly another clone!

Lady Cop calls in the chief to tell him all that they have found out about Beth. He orders Art to put out an arrest warrant for Beth Childs, but Art tells him she’s dead, and tells him to put one out for Sarah Manning.

There is a strange South African woman in with Mrs. S when Sarah gets back. She tells Sarah that she’s her birth mother! There is definitely not a lot of family resemblance there.

Orphan Black S1E9 Sarahs Mom

She tells them the story of how she was asked to be a surrogate mother by a couple (who turned out not to be a couple). She reveals that Sarah had a twin! And that when she gave birth she sent one kid to the state (Sarah)…. And one kid to the church (Helena)!  Holy Shit!


Next time on Orphan Black: The season finale!

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