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Orphan Black – S2E2 – Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Previously, on Orphan Black: “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

This week on Orphan Black, Alison struggles through Ainsley’s funeral and musical rehearsals with her handsy director, we get to know a whole new bunch of Proleathians, and we get to meet some old “friends” of Mrs. S. Cosima spends some time checking out her new lab at the DYAD Institute (and making crazy science with Delphine). Sarah, Kira, and Felix drive off into the sunset together, leaving the rapidly unraveling Alison all alone to deal with her traitorous husband.

Orphan Black | Donnie and Alison

Here are the top 8 moments of the episode:

1. When Donnie was the worst at being a monitor:


Orphan BlackOrphan BlackOrphan BlackOrphan BlackOrphan BlackOrphan Black

2. When we got to spend some time with the other Sarah:


Orphan Black | Wave

3. When Alison was not-so-good at hugs:


Orphan Black | Hug

4. When we got to see how badass Mrs. S really is:


Orphan Black | Stab

5. When Cosima and Rachel had a sass off:


Orphan Black | GayOrphan Black | Sexuality

6. When Alison had to breath through the sacrum:


Orphan Black | SacrumOrphan Black | Feel it.

7. When we got another glimpse at Felix’s fine ass:


Orphan Black | Apron

8. When Alison had the best method of problem solving:


Orphan Black | Drinking

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