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Orphan Black – S2E4 – Governed as It Were by Chance

Previously on Orphan Black, ‘Mingling Its Own Nature With It’ 

Cal saves the day by ramming his truck into the car carrying Sarah and Daniel, but Daniel gets away. Cal holds onto Kira while Sarah looks for answers. That creepy redhead tries to smother Helena in her sleep and that turns out just as you’d expect: a whole lotta she’s dead and Helena isn’t. Art has been spying on the crazy religious cult farm place and nearly shits himself when Helena comes hauling ass in his direction.

Orphan Black S2E4 Helena Running

Would love to stay and chat, but…

She keeps going though, because she’s all about escaping. Art manages to slow down the men looking for her. Alison wakes up in rehab! Oh, Donnie. He wants her to complete treatment or else she can’t be around their kids. Cal bonds with Kira. Oh, and Mrs. S. hooks up with an ex boo thang, who turns out to be the man who gave her Sarah all those years ago.

Sarah chats with Cosima and breaks into Rachel’s place. When Daniel arrives, she hides, but gets busted. He’s about to torture her in the shower, but a noise distracts him. He leaves the room and Sarah hears all kinds of hell breaking loose. Daniel comes flying into view, wounded. Helena stands over him, spits on him, and then makes her way to Sarah.

Oprhan Black Helena

She tells her that she was married and that they took something out of her. She rests her head on Sarah’s chest as Sarah freaks.the.fuck.out.

Orphan Black Helena and Sarah


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  1. Never seen Sarah so freaked out before! Art too. Helena is one crazy, scary clone; she makes me uncomfortable every time she’s on the screen. (I have NO idea how T.M. can switch between these different characters so completely and effectively.)

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