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Orphan Black – S2E5 – Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est

Previously on Orphan Black, ‘Governed As It Were By Chance’ 

In this episode: Helena promotes Felix to honourary sestra, Cal makes an adorable (if somewhat shifty) dad, and Paul is promoted right into Rachel’s bed (or chair, as it were). The Proletheans continue to be ridiculously creepy, and Helena manages to MacGuyver her way out of Art’s care. Paul completely ruins Felix’s date with Colin, and Delphine and Cosima strike an uneasy alliance with Leekie. Also: The absolute weirdest sex scene/ assination attempt/ sisterly bonding EVER.

Helena S2E5


Here are the episode’s 8 best moments:


1. Helena hissing at Felix:



2. Cal and Kira being adorable:


Kira and CalCal


3. Helena wearing Felix’s helmet:


Helena in Helmet


4. Poor Gracie’s sewn up lips:


Sewn Lips


5. Felix getting ready for his date:




6. Felix and Colin getting cop-blocked:




7. After an episode of being the absolute worst, Paul reminding us that he’s not so bad:




8. Sarah and Helena being sestras:



The one problem: No Alison!


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