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Orphan Black – S2E7 – Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things

Previously on Orphan Black, ‘To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings’ 

Orphan Black S2E7

Alison’s bonding with Vic leads her to confess to sleeping with Ainsley’s husband and then watching as she choked to death. She then presents him with gloves she knitted for him, minus one pinky finger. Later, she overhears him talking to DeAngelus and knows she’s been played. She calls Felix for help and he confronts Vic, “the selfish manure-bag of a man.”

Dr. Leekie meets with Marian (Michelle Forbes!) and tells her that Sarah has found Duncan. She wonders how Rachel will take the news. She’s also not pleased that every time they meet, it’s because of Sarah Manning.

Cal realizes someone has been spying on him via his laptop’s webcam. He calls Sarah and they meet at the docks. He wants to take their daughter to Iceland to keep her safe. He’s heard bad things about the DYAD group. We don’t know what Cal really knows about Sarah’s connection to the DYAD group, and their conversation is cut short when Felix and Alison call and demand that Sarah head over to the rehab center to deal with Vic. She does and finds that Vic just wants to apologize as part of his treatment… and then he reveals that he wants her back. Then he passes out because Felix spiked his tea.

Donnie and the kid arrive for the family day activities at the rehab center. Mrs. S. meets with Leekie and then reports back to Sarah that she’s sure Rachel doesn’t know Leekie killed her mother. They’re both ready to drop that bomb. Sarah is forced to give a speech as Alison, while Alison and Felix try to figure out what to do with Vic before DeAngelus arrives. As part of the presentation, Alison has to get on stage and do a role-playing exercise. So, she’s Sarah pretending to be Alison pretending to be Donnie. Tatiana needs ALL THE EMMYS.

Later, Rachel meets with her father and learns the truth that Leekie killed her mother. When Donnie walks in on Sarah and Alison, he learns the truth about the clones and realizes that he was Alison’s watcher for Leekie, without knowing why. She tells him he ruined their marriage and storms out. Marian orders Leekie’s death, but Rachel lets him go. Leekie is approached by Donnie in his car. He has a gun and he’s demanding answers. Leekie rudely brushes him off and in his despair, Donnie accidentally shoots Leekie in the head.


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