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Orphan Black – S2E8 – Variable and Full of Perturbation

Previously on Orphan Black,Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things’

Orphan Black has just gone to an all-new level of awesome.

Some guy named Tony tends to his friend who’s been shot while the two were in the middle of committing some kind of crime. The dying friend tells Tony that he needs to contact Beth. When Tony does, he meets with Art instead who is shocked to find that Tony is another clone. That’s right. We have our first transgender clone.

Orphan Black Tony

Now that Leekie is out of the picture, Rachel sends Delphine to meet with Mrs. S and Sarah. They don’t need Kira’s stem cells for a cure: but they will need Duncan to come into the DYAD labs so that he can help them find the cure in his synthetic sequence. Sarah is all hell no about that idea, but Mrs. S. says they’ll consider it.

While Art goes out for answers, Felix tries to keep Tony calm and in the dark. It doesn’t last past that evening and when Tony storms out, he bumps into Sarah, shocked to see that she looks like him. Alison and Donnie have a heart-to-heart in which she confesses that she let Ainsley die and he blurts out that he killed Leekie.

Tony tells Sarah and Felix that her friend’s last words were to tell Beth “to keep the faith” and that “Paul’s like him. He’s on it. He’s ghost.” Okaaaay.

Cosima has an attack, falling to the floor with blood coming from her mouth. At the same time, Kira awakens from a nap and starts thumbing through one of Duncan’s books filled with scientific notations.


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