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Orphan Black – S4E5 – Human Raw Material

Previously on Orphan Black, “From Instinct to Rational Control”

Last week on Orphan Black saw the return of Krystal, aka everyone’s new favorite clone. Ever since her attempted kidnapping by Castor clones, she has been running her own investigation, which has led her to Brightborn, coincidentally on the same day that Donnie and Cosima are undercover conducting their own investigation. They make the decidedly creepy discovery that Evie Cho et al. are conducting human experimentation, which Cosima unpleasantly discovers sometimes leads to babies being born with holes in their faces.

Cosima is undercover because Sarah is indisposed trying to be a good mother. Unfortunately, her day with Kira is derailed by her suspicion of Felix’s new sister, who Felix decides to bring to the world’s most awkward family dinner at the safe house. Luckily for Felix, the sibling DNA test that Sarah surreptitiously had Scott do comes back positive.

Images: BBC America

Images: BBC America

The Good

It is immensely satisfying to watch Krystal take down two men twice her size in hand-to-hand combat (even if they are just her self defense instructor and Donnie).

After several weeks with very little to do, it is good seeing Cosima out in the field again. Even after 4 seasons, whenever I feel that a clone is being neglected I have to remind myself that their actress isn’t actually being underutilized.

The Bad

Can someone please just let Krystal in on the big secret? Seeing what she has been able to discover on her own just shows what an asset she would be.

I honestly can’t decide if Kira is adorable, or just plain creepy. The fact that she can seemingly feel the emotions of the clones is definitely a tick in the creepy side.

Orphan Black S4E5 - Kira

On the subject of creepy, you can add Sarah Duncan making out with a Castor clone in a pool to the list of things I never needed to see.

Quotes of the Week: “Sorry, I got kidnapped by twins once… nearly. They killed my boyfriend Hector. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to find your own resilience.” – Krystal, being goddam inspiring.

“You know, Sarah things: skulk around. Look miserable. Con people.” – Alison, adequately describing Sarah’s raison d’etre

“Big blond hair perfect nails, voice like a can opener.” – Donnie’s spot-on description of Krystal

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