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Orphan Black – S2E10 – By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Previously on Orphan Black, ‘Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done’

This finale made me cry. Less than a minute in, I was in tears. It begins with Felix coming out of his drugged state at Ms. S’s. He feels guilty that he didn’t recognize Rachel as Sarah. Sarah is pacing, screaming, and pretty much a mess. She stops long enough to grab an apologizing Ms. S in a bear hug. The fear in her eyes is heartbreaking. While this is going on, we get flashes of DYAD personnel taking control of Sarah after she has handed herself over. They ask her invasive personal questions. When she admits to having an abortion, I lost it.

Seriously, can we just give Tatiana Maslany an Emmy already?

Rachel tries to bond with Kira, but it’s just fucking creepy. Delphine is shipped to Berlin, but before she goes, she sneaks Rachel’s itinerary to Cosima. Now she and Scott know exactly when and where they plan on taking one of Sarah’s ovaries. Yikes! Rachel gives Duncan one last chance to give her the sequence that will enable her to conceive, but he answers with a big fat dose of suicide. He’d rather die than help his psycho spawn procreate.

Kira manages to get a message to Cal, who in turns reveals to Mrs. S. that he has an inside corporate contact in DYAD. The secret contact sends an instant message with the name ‘Castor,’ which gets Mrs. S’ attention. Helena shows up at Art’s and he promptly calls Felix because he ain’t about that dealing with Helena alone life. Helena denies burning down the crazy farm.



Helena No GIF

Felix GIF

Felix GIF 2

Helena No GIF 2

Felix Side-eye

Cal, Mrs. S., and Paul (decked out in his military gear and accompanied by his military crew) work together and it’s revealed that Cal’s contact is Marion Bowles! Didn’t see that coming.

Cosima and Scott make a homemade fire extinguisher gun and Scott slips it into the operating room where Sarah is strapped to a table. When Rachel enters and starts smashing all of the vials of bone marrow, Sarah eyes a drawing Kira and Cosima made earlier and realizes what she has to do. She uses the homemade weapon to shoot a pencil into Rachel’s eye and she escapes. She finds Kira with Marion who tells her that they can leave, without running. And if Sarah wants to know the full story, she should meet her tomorrow.

Cosima GIFRachel GIFSarah GIFRachel Shot GIF

The entire Clone Club is at Felix’s and there’s a tender set of moments when Helena meets her other sestras and is reunited with Kira. I cried again. Then we get an awesome Clone Club Dance Party and I was here for every second of it.

Clone Club Dance PartyClone Dance Party 1

Clone Dance Party 2

Helena slips away in the middle of the night and is promptly kidnapped. We have a brief, horrifying moment when we think Kira has found Cosima dead in bed, but she’s alive. The entire fandom would have lost every ounce of their shit. Cosima and Kira read in bed, and Cosima discovers Duncan’s sequence written in the margins of the copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau that he gave to Kira. Sarah heads over to Marion’s and meets a little girl who looks crazy familiar: it’s another clone as a little girl! Marion has adopted her and explains that she’s the only successful attempt out of more than 400. Damn. She also reveals that a military branch of the organization was in charge of the male clones: Project Castor. That’s right, male clones.

And they look just… like…

Orphan Black Mark

  • Will Cosima be able to use the sequence to save herself?
  • Will Rachel rock a badass eye patch next season?
  • Will Sarah ever forgive Mrs. S and Paul for kidnapping Helena and shipping her off to someplace really cold?
  • Mark is a clone?!? Whaaaa? And he’s now married to Gracie.
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  1. I was kind of hoping Rachel would be dead. She’s crazier than Helena đŸ˜‰ Actually they both have the same issue (obsession with having children), but while they both kidnapped Kira, Rachel was definitely worse.

    Didn’t Helena say something about her boyfriend towing for the military after the bar brawl? Fingers crossed he’ll be making an appearance wherever they took her!

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