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Ouran High School Host Club – S1E2 – The Job of a High School Host

Previously on Ouran High School Host Club “Starting Today, You Are a Host!” 

The Job of a High School Slave!


Ahem, sorry, the theme song is so catchy! Anyways, on with the recap.

The episode started out normally enough; Haruhi was studying in the library (which actually seemed quiet this time), then she realized she was late for her club. So like any sane person, she rushes her way to the club room.

And then she opens the door.

If it were ME who walked into that room filled with tropical trees, snakes, parrots, fruits and some kind of artificial light that seemed to come out of nowhere and was just as hot as the sun on a hot sunny day, I would have left the room immediately. For some unfathomable reason, Haruhi stayed. And then Kyoya comes in and ‘inconspicuously’ reminds her of her large debt that she owes. With a smile.

Yup, just like me.


Ouran High School Host Club

Cue more rambling from Tamaki with so many flowery words that I can’t bother to remember, and then the opening where Tamaki described what exactly the Ouran is and it’s Host Club: a playground for the rich and beautiful.

As Haruhi would say, “Damn rich people.”

Tamaki announces to some customers that the Host Club is having a party, and then later, the twins mention it again to their customers. I recall Hikaru saying, “We’ve rented the school’s largest hall.”


Imagine how big that would be, especially for Ouran! It’s probably bigger than my school! And how can you rent a hall? You can’t just use the term ‘borrow’? Did you really have to pay for it?

And then Hunny comes in and climbs up on Mori like he’s some sort of palm tree. I thought it was epically adorable and hilarious, especially the cute adorable sounds he made as he climbed.

I would also really like to meet Hunny’s voice actress. The laugh she does for him is so contagious.

Haruhi never ceases to amaze me with her adorableness. She unintentionally charms the girls again, and the few blinks she does afterwards when she’s wondering just why the girls are staring at her like that make me giggle.

Kanako Kasugazaki makes her appearance, and I will forever remember her as the Tea-Cup Girl. Here’s a little fun-fact: The voice actress for Kanako played the Female Voice 1 in Saints Row the Third, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. An anime voice actress does a major voice role in an adult video game that has violence, killing, and major language. Can you imagine Kanako running around, killing people and dropping the F-bomb?

Anyways, the moment Kanako starts flirting with Haruhi, I knew that I would have something against her. I didn’t officially hate her like I did with Ayanokoji, but I just got a weird vibe from her.

The twins announced she had the ‘Host-Hopping’ disease or, A.K.A, the ‘Never the Same Host Twice’ disease. If you think about it, that would end pretty quickly, since there is only a total of six hosts, now seven. If you don’t go to the same host twice, what would you do once you’ve been through all of the hosts? Tamaki, for some weird reason, is jealous of the fact that Haruhi has ‘taken’ Kanako from him, and then declares that Haruhi should start acting more like a girl. Like that would solve the problem. If anything, only more chaos would ensue.

When I first heard the story of how Haruhi’s hair got so short, I kept thinking, “Man, I would never do that. I’d just trim it maybe, but never cut it to the point where I look like a boy.” But the more I look at Haruhi’s hairstyle (and the more I see that style on girls these days), the more I realize that it doesn’t really look too bad, and that I probably wouldn’t mind if my hair looked like that either. Just as long as people still knew I was a girl.

“MAMA!” –Tamaki

“I’m sorry, but who’s mama?” –Kaoru

“I’m assuming that’s me.” –Kyoya


Aha, the whole Daddy-Mommy relationship still confuses me to this day. I love how Tamaki doesn’t think ONCE that some people could somehow mistake that as Tamaki and Kyoya being some sort of couple. I also love how Tamaki seemed to have just decided that all on his own ever since Haruhi appeared, since everyone else in the club doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. And then it reveals that Haruhi has to learn how to dance the waltz, requested by Tamaki, of course. But then, it turns out that Kanako has to teach Haruhi, because Tamaki is too tall to fill in the woman role.

A scene I really liked was when Haruhi and Kanako were done practicing for the day, and then she fantasizes over the teacups. When Haruhi points this out, Kanako’s voice changes and I seemed to get over my earlier suspicious of Kanako, because I figured that she didn’t mean any harm. That and her nervous laugh was just a bit contagious.

Ouran High School Host Club

Then a wild Toru Suzushima appears (Pokémon!)! Tension between Toru and Kanako can be sensed, and then I can smell the faint scent of foreshadow. So the party finally arrives, and apparently one girl will be chosen as a Queen and will get rewarded with a kiss on the cheek from the King (Tamaki).

…Couldn’t they at least make it on the mouth? I feel as if the cheek wouldn’t be as rewarding. Those girls must really love the Host Club.

My respect for Kyoya has risen even more when he BROKE THAT PEN! It was all like, “CRASH!” and I was all like, “WHOA!” and the respect meter was all like, “RISE!”

I wish I could break pens like that.

And it was all because he, along with the rest of the club, was shocked to find out that Haruhi has never eaten fancy tuna before, which is definitely different from regular tuna because it has the word ‘fancy’ in front of it.

Then it’s finally time for the party to begin. The customers eagerly wait to dance with their favorite host, and of course, Kanako manages to get to Haruhi first, but before they could even properly start, the poor gender-confused female gets whisked away by the twins and into some random dressing room. Said dressing room contains the rest of the hosts, sans Tamaki, which makes me wonder how the hosts were able to be there when they were supposed to be dancing with the girls.

After the hosts shove Haruhi into a stall with a dress and a wig, Tamaki finally appears, questioning them on what they were doing (like he SHOULD be) before spotting Haruhi in her new redone look: pink dress, long brown hair, make-up, and even a small handbag.


Ouran High School Host Club

Let me just say, I’m just as confused as you are at the moment, because apparently the Host Club has a plan for something that involves Haruhi dressing as a girl, and they didn’t even discuss it on screen. If they’re keeping it a secret from the audience, then obviously something shocking and/or interesting is about to happen.

Haruhi meets with Toru (you know, that guy mentioned before that appeared like a Pokémon?) in an empty classroom, still disguised as a girl even though she is one. Apparently, Kaoru, Hikaru and Kyoya wrote a fake love letter to Toru, which mentioned a bunch of stuff about falling head over heels in love, rendezvous, hearts stuck in never ending typhoons, Noah’s Ark, and it just basically used the word ‘love’ a lot.

As Haruhi thinks over how stupid the letter is (once Toru gave it to her as if wanting to confirm it was HER who wrote it), Toru doesn’t seem to recognize her in disguise, which she’s thankful for. Toru starts to reject Haruhi, stating that he’s already seeing somehow and how his parents kind of put him in an arranged marriage with that person.

He gets into some other cheesy stuff that’s actually too cheesy for me to even want to talk about (it involves something about him moving away to get a job and wanting to become a better man so his relationship will work out… or something), and Haruhi ends up interrupting him, saying that he should just be himself and confess his love and that his fiancé (who’s obviously Kanako, in case you didn’t know) would love him for him.

Ugh, cheesy.

To make things short, Kanako walks in (Tamaki led her there), sees the two standing in the dark, runs away in tears, and Toru runs after her. Haruhi thinks that they made things worse with their relationship, yet Tamaki thinks otherwise.

So OBVISOULY the Host Club’s plan was to restore their relationship. Their motto was ‘Make every girl happy’.

Or something.

Anyways, Kanako and Toru end up just outside the school, where Toru finally manages to stop Kanako. Lights shine on them, and the Host Club along with the customers come out to watch them as if they’re some kind of romance drama. The two make-up, which is rather creepy since they’re being watched by about 100 people, and the twins announce Kanako as the Queen of the night.

Instead of getting a kiss from Tamaki, however, they announce that Kyoya wanted to make things interesting, so they change the kiss-giver to Haruhi, who somehow managed to change back into her suit during the whole chase scene. As Haruhi begrudgingly makes her way down the stairs that led to the couple, Hunny makes a comment on how it might be her first kiss, which sends Tamaki into a mini freak out that eventually causes him to chase after Haruhi in a desperate attempt to stop her.

Tamaki Hikaru Kaoru

Just as Haruhi reaches Kanako and tilts her face, Tamaki hilariously trips over a banana peel that happened to be lying on the stairs (courtesy of the twins), causing him to reach out for something to grab, and then ends up pushing her.

Doing so causes her to jolt forward and-


Haruhi and Kanako Kiss

I kissed a girl and I liked it~!

Aha, yup, I guess you know what happens next.

Instead of an innocent peck on the cheek, it turns into something else. Of course, everyone is shocked, Tamaki more so than others, and the girls all cheer in excitement, thinking that Haruhi was a boy still. Haruhi is shocked too, it being her first kiss and all, but since she has that whole apathetic personality, she quickly gets over it. The twins and Kyoya looked ultimately pleased, Hunny just looks happy and cheerful, and Mori… well, he’s Mori.

I don’t even have to explain Tamaki’s reaction.

Toru also seems to get over it, so I guess he figured it was an accident and that he forgave Kanako for it. All in all, it was a nice and happy cheesy ending.

Overall, I felt that this episode was a tad bit boring, since it just seemed more… cheesy than others (gosh, I’ve mentioned the word ‘cheesy’ a lot. Now I’m craving pizza) I’m kind of more on the comedic side, because I just love being happy, but I’m not saying I hate this episode or anything. I just can’t wait to do the other ones.

Ja ne~



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  1. I can’t wait to watch Black Butler with you!

    My favorite part:

    My respect for Kyoya has risen even more when he BROKE THAT PEN! It was all like, “CRASH!” and I was all like, “WHOA!” and the respect meter was all like, “RISE!”

    I wish I could break pens like that.

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