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Ouran High School Host Club – S1E3 – Beware The Physical Exam!

Previously on Ouran High School Host Club ‘The Job of a High School Host’ 

Beware the Rich People!

I have a feeling that every episode might start off with Tamaki flirting with a costumer. Oh, but what’s this? They’re outside this time. With kimonos, tea, and cherry blossoms!

Ouran High School Host Club S1E3

Major plot twist.

Each host does their regular thing; Tamaki spewing flowery words, twins acting like they’re in love with each other, Kyoya selling pictures of the Host Club for money, Hunny acting adorable, Mori doing nothing, and Haruhi being… Haruhi.

Oh Japan, you never cease to amaze me.

With a new school term starting soon, the conversation manages to turn into what classes will be taken next. Which is how Tamaki throws a hissy fit when he realizes that the twins are both in Haruhi’s class while he isn’t (being a year older), meaning that the twins get to spend more time with his ‘daughter’ than he does. Somehow (I really don’t know how), Tamaki changes the conversation to Haruhi’s gender problems. He claims that he wants her to act more girly, and that will somehow solve the whole, ‘we don’t see each enough!’ problem.

But then the twins bluntly point out that the physical exams are coming up soon and, therefore, Haruhi’s true gender will be found out.


Ouran High School Host Club Twins


Later in the Host Club, while Haruhi is once again late, Tamaki begins to daydream how wonderful it would be once Haruhi’s gender is discovered. He declares that he and Haruhi are obviously the main characters of the anime (breaking the fourth wall), and thus meaning that they are meant to fall in love. He also points out that the rest of the Host Club are the ‘homosexual supporting cast’.

It finally hits him that once Haruhi’s gender is revealed, she won’t be able to participate in the Host Club any longer. So, with another complete 180 turn, Tamaki suddenly decides to not reveal Haruhi’s gender.

Once Haruhi finally appears, and Tamaki announces to her his ‘plan’, she thinks that the only reason that they don’t want anyone to know her gender is because she has yet to pay off her debt.

Poor Haruhi. So oblivious.

Hoping to guilt trip her, Tamaki asks her if she hates the Host Club that much, to which she replies ‘yes’, rather bluntly. As Tamaki goes off to his emo corner, the rest of the club, sans Haruhi, try to think of ideas on how to convince her to be motivated enough to actually try and hide her gender.

And, finally-



But, alas, it’s only two words.

Fancy tuna.

Yup, the return of the fancy tuna, which is still different than regular tuna, having the word ‘fancy’ in front of it and all.

Ouran High School Host Club S1E3 pic 2


Tamaki, once again breaking the fourth wall, maliciously states that Haruhi didn’t get to have any during last episode’s party. The rest of the Host Club start to ‘nonchalantly’ talk about how Haruhi would actually get to try some if she stayed in the Host Club, which eventually causes Haruhi to crack.

Skipping ahead to the day of the exams, Haruhi and the twins are on their way to the exam rooms, along with the rest of their class. Haruhi questions what the exams are like, and the twins state that they wouldn’t be any different than normal exams just because they were rich. Haruhi, thinking herself silly for assuming that they would be different, is naturally shocked when she opens the doors to see around 50 or more lined up doctors and nurses. Each.

As she stands there in shock, some nurses come by and escort the Hitachiins twins away, leaving her by herself for a while, until she spots Mori and Hunny nearby, both ‘disguised’ as doctors. Kyoya comes by, stating that they’re dressed up (rather poorly, too) for a back-up plan if the other one fails.

And we don’t even know the plan. Just like the second episode, ne?

A foreshadowing moment occurs when a strange man accidently bumps into Kyoya after Haruhi walks away. After apologizing (his voice actor is Chuck Huber! My third favorite voice actor!), he continues on his way, looking distressed. Kyoya obviously senses something about that man, but decides to not question it.

Being physical exams and all, of course the girls would go crazy over the Host Club when it comes for them to take off their shirts. So as the girls scream their lungs out over the twins, Mori and Hunny use this chance to shove Haruhi behind a curtain, where she bumps into Tamaki. Haruhi doesn’t really have time to question his presence when a nurse outside the curtain asks for her to take off her shirt for chest measurements.

The girls can be heard squealing outside the curtain as Tamaki takes off his shirt and puts on a… brown… wig. He pulls aside the curtain and, as you’ve probably figured out by now, states that he is Haruhi Fujioka. The girls don’t fall for it, thinking that Tamaki is either cosplaying as Haruhi or just trying to be funny. It was pretty obvious; the least he could have done was put in contacts, since his purple eyes were still visible.

Ouran High School Host Club curtain

The twins burst out laughing, claiming that they knew all along that the girls would see through it, and said that they wanted to get their revenge for the ‘homosexual supporting cast’ comment. Tamaki, angry and sad, approaches Haruhi cautiously, sensing that she seems angry. He tries to apologize, but only gets a hard glare in return, causing him to turn into stone and literally wither away.

Kyoya comes by once again and says that he already set up a private doctor sworn to secrecy for her. When questioned why he didn’t say anything earlier, he too states that he wanted revenge, but with a rather cheerful smile.

D’aww, he’s more adorable than Hunny.

When Haruhi leaves to the ‘Special Boy’s Clinic’ (I’m sorry, whenever I hear that, I think of Michael Jackson due to a parody I saw), the Host Club overhears a girl claiming that she ran into a pervert who tried to ‘make a pass at her’.

Kyoya states that he thought this would happen, recalling the guy he bumped into earlier. When the twins scold him for not saying anything sooner, he retaliates, saying that he figured the security would catch him. The girl continues on, saying that she saw the guy run towards the ‘Special Boy’s Clinic’. :3

Immediately the Host Club rush towards said place and arrive just in time to see the same mysterious guy from before sneaking into Haruhi’s curtain.

Tamaki kicks him in the face with a ‘Tama-chan kick!’ as the rest of the Host Club appear all cool like, stating three facts that make up the Host Club (why?).


Ouran High School Host Club Kick

1. Good looks.

2. More money that you could imagine.

3. Chivalry that will never be able to overlook the hideous wickedness of this world.

Yup. That last one is word for word since I’m 99% sure that I wouldn’t be able to memorize it.

The ‘pervert’ freaks out and starts begging for the Host Club to spare his life. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t kill him or anything, but it was funny to see him freak out.

And suddenly, it’s his life story.

No, really, even the anime creators pointed that out with subtitles. The guy suddenly starts talking about his life with no warning or reason.

He introduces himself as Yabu (the twins point out how weird that is for a doctor, unless you’re a duck or something… I don’t know what Yabu means in Japanese… probably duck), and states that his wife and daughter had left him last month. Trying to find his daughter, he tries to search in the school she attends, which happens to be Ouran.

Haruhi feels the need to question why they decided to leave him (good job Haruhi, now he’ll continue to talk), and he says that they left because of IOU’s (or something) and he was terrible with managing money. He continues to go on about how his life sucks, and Tamaki’s face instantly changes from anger to weeping pity, while the rest of the Host Club (including the doctor who was still there) just had looks on their faces that said, “When will he stop talking?”

Kyoya finally interrupts, saying that Yabu’s daughter most like doesn’t go to this school and instead attends Ourin Public High School, considering that he’s a commoner and not rich enough to have his daughter attend Ouran.

Tamaki, suddenly looking serious, requests Kyoya to get a map of all the public schools in the area so he can help Yabu find his daughter. Both Kyoya and Haruhi are shocked, yet Kyoya goes off to get a map anyways. Later, the Host Club watch Yabu leave, the twins questioning if this was a good idea. They point out that his daughter might not want to even see him anymore. Tamaki says that he’ll just have to find out on his own.

Finally, Haruhi has enough sense to ask the guys to leave.

Shocked, Tamaki starts to tear up and ask if Haruhi is actually thinking about quitting the club or if she’s still mad, to which Haruhi only laughs and replies that she still needs to finish changing in order to pass her exam as a male.

Ouran High School Host Club

She states that she isn’t doing it for the fancy tuna and is only doing it to pay off her debt, but Tamaki thinks otherwise as he glomps her for her cuteness. Haruhi complains and yells, wanting Tamaki to get off of her, while the twins state that Tamaki might be the real pervert.

And thus, the episode ends! With that really nice and catchy ending theme song that kind of makes me cry every time I hear it.

Ja ne~


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