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Outcast – S1E3 – All Alone Now

Previously on Outcast, “(I Remember) When She Loved Me”

This week’s possession highlighted the clear difference in Kyle’s and Anderson’s motives. Kyle wants to know what he is and why demons seem fixated on possessing those he loves, and Anderson wants to redeem himself from some past misdeed by saving souls.

They visit a prison at the request of Luke, an ex-police officer who wants them to meet with his best friend, Blake Morrow (Lee Tergesen). Blake was also a cop until he – possessed by a demon – brutally killed Luke’s wife Terry. The demon inside Blake goads and taunts, and momentarily humors Anderson by screaming in pain when he pulls out the bible and holy water. But it’s when Kyle lays hands on him that Blake truly reacts and calls Kyle “outcast.”

Images: Cinemax

Images: Cinemax

Blake offers to tell Kyle more about what he is if he’ll visit him once a week. This is seriously considered by Kyle, but not Anderson. Remember: Kyle wants answers, but Anderson wants to prove that he hasn’t dedicated his life to a lie. And even though he says it’s not right to leave Blake’s soul captive for their own gain, he really wants to be the one who casts out the demons. Why does Kyle have this power (that he doesn’t even want), and not him?

Meanwhile, a man from Megan’s past arrives in town, and after she sweet-talks her way into his empty hotel room, she learns he’s been stalking her online. My money is on him being her daughter’s biological father.

Chief Giles reluctantly gives Mark permission to take a forensics kit out to the trailer in the woods. He thinks Mark is wasting his time, but when he spots the gold watch Mark found in the trailer, Giles takes a sudden interest in the case. He demands all the evidence Mark collected and says he’ll be taking over from there. Sketchy.

Outcast S1E3 - Giles and Mark

The creepy man in the black hat wasn’t around much this episode, but his actions have a huge impact. After spending most of the hour grooming himself in his motel room, it would appear that he went out to Patrick’s neighborhood and murdered Norville with his straight razor. Patrick stops by to visit later that night – possibly to apologize for being such an ass – and finds Norville dead of an apparent suicide.

Poor Norville.

Outcast - S1E3

This move clearly serves to isolate Kyle more than he already is, perhaps making him susceptible to whatever the demons have planned for him. Still, I would have liked Norville to stick around for a bit longer. The Megan ex storyline really dragged the episode down. I’m just not that invested in her personal life. I am more intrigued by Mark’s investigation and Giles’ suspect behavior.

The opening scene of this episode was the brutal murder of Terry by Blake. We got to see the demon slowly take possession of him as the night went on, resulting in the horrific crime. Though we don’t see the actual act, the flashback to Terry’s body bent like a pretzel was stomach-turning. The idea that Luke could still try to help Blake because proving his best friend couldn’t do something like that is all he has left is fascinating. I’m hoping Kyle’s upcoming visits with the demon in Blake also explores this friendship. One thing is certain: this possession threatens to push a bigger divide between Kyle and Anderson.

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