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Outcast – S1E5 – The Road Before Us

Previously on Outcast, “A Wrath Unseen”

Reverend Anderson’s quest for validation and Kyle’s search for answers finally collide when Anderson realizes he hasn’t exorcised a single demon. Everyone he “saved” is still possessed, including a young drug addict named Sherry, now living on the streets.

Images: Cinemax

Images: Cinemax

Through Kyle’s attempts to free Sherry of her demon we witness Anderson’s revelation that he is not necessary. He is not special. This may have dangerous consequences for Kyle down the line, as it appears Anderson hesitated to save Kyle when Sherry was about to kill the Outcast. Even as he pulls the possessed girl off of his friend, Anderson asks, “What makes him so special?”

It’s also through Sherry that we learn a bit more about being Outcast. Upon feeling Kyle’s touch, she proclaims, “We need your light. We see you through the veil. We come to you and you lead us here.”

Who’s this we she speaks of? More than our conflicted pair are aware of, that’s for sure. Sidney pays Mildred a visit and his authority is quickly established when she sees him for what he is and bows her head in reverence. She’s worried about her body dying for “the merge,” but Sidney remarks that they all rolled the dice and got what they got. Is it possible the people are chosen at random? Is Kyle what he is because of his mother’s possession and not the other way around?

Outcast Season 1 Episode 5 Kate Lyn Sheil and Patrick Fugit

And none of that explains Allison, who Kyle fears may also still be possessed. An unannounced visit to his ex doesn’t give him the reassurance he seeks, but it does serve to further push a wedge between Allison and their daughter, Amber. Still, for the first time Allison is conflicted about Kyle’s absence. She doesn’t remember the assault, and doesn’t think him capable of it despite his confession. She later visits Kyle and kisses him in the hopes of learning the truth. This only provides clarity for Kyle: When they kiss, she doesn’t sizzle. She’s not possessed and her weird behavior and blackouts are most likely due to her medication.

Kyle and Anderson’s encounter with Sherry, including Kyle’s display of power, wasn’t enough to cause Anderson to lose all faith – though it remains shaky. Sherry is left brain dead, and Anderson still prays to a God that Kyle insists isn’t listening. With Sidney promising Mildred he’ll take care of their Kyle problem, he’ll no doubt use Anderson’s resentment towards his partner to cause even more friction between them.

Other developments include Chief Giles hitting an apparent dead-end in uncovering Ogden’s activities out in the woods, and no sign of consequences for Mark’s beatdown of Donnie. However, we know that won’t end well at all.

Outcast Season 1

And one small scene may point to a huge problem for later. While playing with her dolls, Amber reenacts the beating Kyle gave Allison to drive out the demon. She refers to drinking the black liquid we’ve seen pour from demons. Is she remembering the night her mother was attacked, or has she had other, more recent encounters?

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