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Outcast – S1E6/S1E7 – From the Shadows It Watches/The Damage Done

Previously on Outcast, “The Road Before Us”

In just two episodes, Kyle and Reverend Anderson have completely reversed roles. Thanks to his growing resentment over Kyle’s power, the realization that he has none, and a scarring visit from Sidney, Anderson has become reckless and appears to most in town as a crazy man.

Images: Cinemax

Images: Cinemax

Kyle, once the town pariah, has gotten a job and seems to be making progress with Allison. Though, getting everything he wants – including custody of his daughter – came at a price as Allison’s recollection of her actions while possessed lead her to take off without a word. And Kyle’s reputation in the community¬†isn’t one hundred percent golden just yet. While the town gathers to remember the lives lost in a mining accident, we learn Kyle should have been one of those men. The fact that he lived to go on to become a wife beater still sticks in the craws of some, like the fire chief.

Speaking of the secret arsonist, Giles enlists Kyle’s help in proving that his friend is possessed, but a handshake from Kyle yields nothing. It’s not until Kyle brushes hands with the man’s wife does he realize who the demon in the family is, but he loses her in a crowd and is unable to warn Giles as he must first stop Anderson from making a fool of himself in the town square.

The devil in plain sight

The devil in plain sight

Anderson publicly accuses Sidney of being the devil and any good will he’s built with the town quickly depletes as everyone looks at him like he’s completely lost his damn mind. Ironically, the one person who witnessed Sidney’s violent attack on Anderson is the son of Anderson’s girlfriend – but he can’t stand the reverend so it’s not likely he’ll be stepping forward any time soon.

Megan’s and Mark’s secrets come back to bite the two in their asses in spectacular fashion. Donnie calls Megan to his hospital room so she can see the fruits of her husband’s temper. She drains their bank accounts hoping to stop Donnie from pressing charges. He takes the money, but reports Mark anyway. The family is now broke and Mark’s unemployed. The finger pointing turns into a shouting match and it’s hard to get a bead on who’s right. Would Mark have reacted differently if Megan had told him the truth about Donnie from the beginning, or would telling him have only made Mark explode sooner?

Outcast Season 1 Episode 7 Wrenn Schmidt

If there’s one good thing to come from Anderson’s meltdown, it’s his acceptance that they’ll need to do things Kyle’s way if they hope to stop the evil that has infiltrated their town. And with Anderson’s credibility shot, whatever Sidney has planned seems to be facing one less obstacle.

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