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Outlander – S1E7 – The Wedding

Previously on Outlander, ‘The Garrison Commander’

Outlander 2014

Claire and Jaime get married, you guys.

Now on to the good stuff!

The episode parcels out information mostly in flashbacks, zipping back and forth (and also through time) with some details that are nice to know but not terribly relevant to the progression of the story. Jaime’s mom had a nice smile, according to Murtaugh (that old softie), and Claire reminds him of her. Jaime’s clan name is Fraser, making Claire now Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp (Randall) Fraser. Dougal makes Claire a smarmy offer, on her wedding night no less, and is also kind of shitty to Jaime, expecting thanks and praise for the whole virginity-losing arrangement. When Frank and Claire got married, is was on a whim as they passed City Hall to meet his parents for dinner. See? All very nice, but filler for what we’re waiting for.

And that is Claire And Jaime. Claime. We all knew this was coming, and not just because of one-sheets and commercials. Because their chemistry is off the charts, because they keep getting thrown together in situations that forces intimacy, because Jaime is constantly shirtless around her. Because the only thing that could make a time-travelling, history-changing, sassy broad like Claire’s story more epic is a great romance.

So here’s what went through my head as I watched the episode we’ve all been waiting for:

frank and claire

  • I feel like I say this a lot, but Frank seems delightful. He was a little stuffy in the first episode, but pretty much every subsequent flash to him makes him out to be a real stand-up guy. Menzies is doing a remarkable job of playing two just starkly different characters. I always dislike spending time with Frank, because he’s not Jaime, but time with him is always so warm. I almost wish there were more Frank scenes, if only to help us feel why Claire is so torn.

modest claire

  • For a wedding, this whole episode spends a lot of time being melancholy. Claire has the face of a kicked beagle. She also spends a lot of the episode being tactless towards Jaime. I know this situation isn’t ideal, what with the bigamy and the husband in another century and all, but is ALL of that whiskey necessary? It might hurt the feelings of the man who just married you to save your arse to know that you had to be drunk just to show up. Also, she spends a lot of the episode running hot and cold. I know, I know–it’s hard have to marry someone in another century when you already have a husband back in modern times that you’re secretly trying to return to, but what is supposed to make us sympathetic towards her just makes her annoying. I like him? I can’t like him! I want to kiss him? I wish I hadn’t kissed him! I like being with him? I should never have been with him! Geez, woman, if you’re not all in either way, at least give the poor man a clue as to why you’re completely turned on and then completely repulsed by him.
  • This is a bold statement, but I’m going to make it and I stand by it: Jaime just isn’t as attractive clean-shaven.

side boob

  • There is nothing sexy about having to take off a bustle. Also, and I’m a big fan of corsetry, while that particular style looks fantastic from the front, it makes for a wonky silhouette. It must have been special wedding-cleavage, because none of her other dresses were that restricting. Watch the Outlander Extra bit on the episode; it’s all about the costuming, and it is super interesting!


  • Their first time: this might be the most perfect definition of a letdown. The look of terror on her face when she realizes he thinks he’s about to take her from behind (and the hilarity of finding out later it’s because he didn’t know any better), the body crushing, the self-satisfied look on Jaime’s face afterwards…the only person who was more disappointed by that encounter than Claire was all of the rest of us watching. This was supposed to be it! This was going to be the culmination of ALL of that chemistry! And instead we get 5 grunty thrusts and the rest of the evening free to drum our fingers? Aw, this is just like real life. (I’m ignoring the part where she said she liked it. She could only have meant that in a grander, “I’m just happy making you happy” kind of way.)

naked jaime

  • Their second time: better. Much better. A little conversation, a little more whiskey, a little mutual seduction. Their physical connection is finally catching up to their emotional one, and even if she doesn’t mean to, Claire blossoms every time she looks his direction. It can’t hurt that he’s also finally naked.
  • Scotch Pearls made me giggle. It sounds like what they’re about to do.

round three

  • Their third time: well now they’re just showing off, but holy cow do they look good together. I bet they’d have beautiful rose-petal skinned, ginger-haired babies.

happy morning

  • Aside from all the sexy time, the in-between with Claime is what will make this romance so epic. They’re just so damn natural together, it almost feels like an intrusion on their intimacy to be there with them. And the way Jaime is already all in is just endearing–he’s taking this husband gig to heart, opening up to Claire about all of his secrets, admitting he remembers every minute detail of their wedding. He’s so eager to please her it’s almost a little heartbreaking. I hope she learns to reciprocate.

two rings

And with the new day comes the guilt–does anything make reality crash in around you more than daylight? What a harsh ending to what ended up being such a moving episode.

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