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Outsiders – S2E12 – What Must Be Done

Previously on Outsiders, “The Run”

Images: WGN

Images: WGN

Wade out here doing real police work, y’all!

He doesn’t buy that Haylie committed suicide, and becomes even more suspicious when Matt blatantly lies about the existence of the two mason jars Haylie had the day she died. Haylie wasn’t as naive about how dangerous her position was as previously thought. She hid soil and water samples in salt and pepper shakers, which Wade finds. He also sees the pictures of Shay Mountain on Haylie’s phone and understands what he’s dealing with. Tests confirmed they were both poisoned, but Wade still needs more. The medical examiner is finally able to determine that Haylie suffered a small head injury shortly before she died. This connects to the chip in her glass table table — complete with a strand of her hair — that Wade finds in Haylie’s hotel room. We’re all wondering what Wade is going to do with this new information, but more importantly: Who can he trust?

Matt wastes no time in positioning himself as the savior One Planet needs. He blackmails Gordon into gaining the Farrell’s trust in exchange for not turning Gordon over to the FBI for the federal crimes he committed in his activism. However, tells the Farrells all and helps them steal dynamite which the Farrells can use to blow up the equipment brought in to demolish the mountain. On top of that, he goes back to Matt and offers him a chance to catch the Farrells in the middle of an act of terrorism, using the dynamite he helped them steal. He’s lying to someone, obviously.

Hasil faces his toughest opponent yet in another town, and the bout brings in more money than he’s made previously. Sally Ann wants to celebrate by improving their living conditions, but Hasil can’t see past the trucks of the National Guard brought in to drive his clan off the mountain. With Sally Ann’s blessing, Hasil goes home with a promise to return.

With One Planet looking to set them up for failure, the clan needs to be a lot less dysfunctional. G’Win wants nothing to do with Big Foster’s plan with Gordon. She feels it will bring more trouble than it’s worth. When Big Foster — with Lil Foster cosigning – does it anyway, she dissolves their relationship. They each have very different idea on how to save the mountain, and believes each other’s approach is what will be the death of the clan.

Somebody’s right.

Unfortunately, it was announced last week that Outsiders has not be renewed for a third season on WGN. Fingers crossed that another network picks it up. It should be a shame to end the story here when it’s just picking up steam.

Outsiders S2E12
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"What Must Be Done"

Starring: David Morse, Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright

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