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Outsiders – S2E13 – Unbroken Chain

Previously on Outsiders, “What Must Be Done”

The second season of Outsiders was a bit all over the place. Asa, thought to be Shay Mountain’s prophesied savior, was killed almost immediately. This made season one’s more compelling plot irrelevant. G’Win never found her footing as leader, and spent most of the season being manipulated by Big Foster and the head of the Kinnah clan; making poor decision after poor decision. One Nation turning to deadly methods of intimidation had promise, but it came way too late to save the rest of the season.

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The clan is torn on the best course of action with the stolen dynamite. G’Win maintains they’re above the terrorist acts proposed by Big Foster, and half the clan agrees. Still, others are convinced that Big Foster’s violent ways are just what’s needed against One Nation. A compromise is struck: if Big Foster’s plan fails and even one of their own is harmed, he’ll be banished for good.

They do lose several members of the clan, and Hasil is shot, when they try to blow up the coal company’s machinery. Thanks to Wade, Hasil is taken to a nurse, and the others return to the top of the mountain having succeeded in their mission not by blowing up the equipment, but by blowing up a dam and flooding the work site. Still, a deal is a deal and G’Win demands Big Foster leaves. Instead, he makes a play for leadership which divides the clan even further and leads Lil Foster to break the oak over his knee.

By the time the credits roll, no one is left in a good place. Hasil is near death on Ledda’s couch and Wade is out of job when Matt obtains evidence that links him to the prison break. Actually, one person did get away clear: domestic terrorist Gordon leaves town, his mission to disrupt One Nation’s plans complete.

WGN America did not renew Outsiders for a third season, and that’s a shame. While this season wasn’t as strong as the first, I was still invested enough to see where the characters were headed. The series didn’t do itself any favors by hinting at supernatural elements, but doing nothing to address them. If another network picks up the series, I’m in. But if they had no plans to address the series’ weaknesses, then perhaps this ending is for the best.

Outsiders S2E13
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"Unbroken Chain"

Starring: David Morse, Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright

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