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Outsiders – S2E7 – Home for Supper

Previously on Outsiders, “Killed or Be Killed”

When Wade learns Lil Foster is being transferred to state prison, he decides Ledda shouldn’t be the only one in the family willing to do what they believe is right. He catches Hasil fleeing the scene of the illegal fights, and asks if he’ll escort him up the mountain so he can explain what’s happening to Lil Foster.

Outsiders - S2E7 - Wade

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Big Foster is still acting like himself, and wants to shoot Wade before hearing what he has to say. It’s not until a wounded G’Win allows Wade entry does he tell them about the transport. Before he leaves, he takes G’Win’s word for it that Breece’s killer is dead.

Despite telling Sally Ann that he’ll always return home once he walks out the door, Hasil remains on the mountain to assist in Lil Foster’s prison break, which goes off almost without a hitch – someone dropped a map at the scene.

Thankfully, Lil Foster isn’t here for Big Foster’s hugs and  fatherly concern. He’s happy to be home, but he still wants nothing to do with her father. And now that he’s home on the mountain, hopefully he’ll be able to talk some sense into G’Win and remind her that trusting his father is a bad idea. I’m not sure that the Kinnah are truly no longer a threat, and now that we have the jailbreak…. the mountain might have trouble coming from all directions.

Outsiders - S2E6 - Ledda

I was hoping Activist Bae might be a good thing for Ledda, but he’s proving to be Team Too Much. It’s understandable that she’s throwing herself into the movement, because it’s something she can control at a time when the rest of her life is all over the place. But this also leaves her vulnerable to all kinds of fuckery, and this dude got fuckery written all over him.       

Outsiders - Protest

Outsiders S2E7
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"Home For Supper"

Starring: David Morse, Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright

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