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Pacific Rim: The Game Review

Pacific Rim The Video Game

Hey guys, Matthew here! Bringing you another game review! Sadly though, it’s not the Deadpool game or some of the other heavy hitters that have debuted recently. No, I’m here to present to you the Pacific Rim fighting game! Available on Xbox Live arcade for a mere ten dollars as well as several other platforms, this game…

… is like every other movie tie-in game. It’s developed, or rather tacked together, by Yuke’s and Warner Bros. studios. The missions are repetitive and the selection of Jaegers and Kaiju are limited. Even worse, after I downloaded the game I had to pay a little more to get the customization add-on. Well, if I hadn’t encountered a glitch in the system I would have gladly paid to paint my Jaeger a sweet green, black, and white scheme. But that didn’t happen. Nope, my Jaeger, which was a dull gray, Gypsy Danger shell cut through the same four Kaiju and the other Jaegers for all of a dozen missions.

Pacific Rim Game Setup

Gameplay: It’s a little creative in that two people are piloting one mech, which means you actually have to strategize your attacks. Not to mention there’s a button for right side and a button for left. There’s a meter that represents your energy and health. Attacks, defense, and evasive maneuvers cost energy and the more energy you have, the more devastating attacks you can unleash – provided you can land them.

Pacific Rim Game

Why did I even bother getting this game? Well, I was urged to by a friend of mine after we’d seen the movie. And I’ll admit the prospect of fighting as a Jaeger was sounding like a pretty good idea. As much as I hated how the game was put together, it had me hooked. I guess being able to fire a beam of energy from my chest to put down a monster was pretty damn cool.

Pacific Rim Game Giant Mech

Now in spite of the negative, I’m a believer in having one bad game to bullshit around with. This game is even more fun with friends. It is the great equalizer if you’re having a tournament style game night. Or, if you’ve got young children all excited for the movie or won’t stop begging you to take them, it’s only ten dollars. I plan on playing this with my friend’s kid the next time they’re over.

Overall, I give this game a 3/10. That’s being generous.

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