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Podcast Fandom Episode 13: The Walking Dead S4E1 ’30 Days Without an Accident’

The Walking Dead Daryl S4E1

Nina, John, and Meghan discuss the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead, ’30 Days Without an Accident,’ including: Hershel’s new leg, the importance or unimportance of Beth, whether it’s smart to get pregnant during the zombie apocalypse, Michonne’s vendetta, Rick’s crazy walk in the woods, and the epic Walker shower at the store. Speaking of showers, what’s up with Patrick?!


Show Notes: 
  • Patrick was played by Vincent Martella. The reason Nina thought he looked so familiar was because he was Chris’ friend on Everybody Hates Chris.
  • Zach was played by Kyle Gallner who has been in everything, including: Veronica Mars, CSI: NY, and Smallville.
  • You can get more info on the Walker Stalker Con here.
  • In our Zazzle store, we have a shirt inspired by this episode; hopefully, if you find yourself in the Zombie Apocalypse, it will help you and your fellow survivors avoid being hit by The Dead from above.
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if the show’s spinoff started with the people in the airport with Crazy Clara from the woods?
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