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Podcast Fandom Episode 147: Sleepy Hollow – S2E5 – The Weeping Lady

Sleepy Hollow S2E5 Moloch and Henry

In this week’s Sleepy Hollow podcast: 
  • Katrina is a lying liar who lies.
  • The thirst is real with Mary.
  • Crane been breaking hearts from way back.
  • Which ship are we on this week? Ichabbie or Crabby: Ichabbie
  • Ichabbie Hugs: 0 (There’s a photo of a hug, but it didn’t happen in the episode.)
  • Man Out of Time Moments: 1 – Ichabod doesn’t know CPR! See, Abby. We could have had some lip action this week!
  • FanFic Moments: 4 – Abby is mistaken for Mrs. Crane, Ichabod panics when Abby drowns, Abby saves Ichabod from Abraham, and Ichabod laments he can’t have a relationship with someone he doesn’t trust.

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