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Podcast Fandom Episode 25: The Walking Dead S4E5 ‘Internment’

The Walking Dead Internment Rick and Carl

This may be our best The Walking Dead podcast yet. Fitting since we all agreed Internment has been the best episode of the season so far.

What you can look forward to in this episode:

    • Nina wants Lizzie dead, but Meghan and John are more sympathetic towards her.
    • Lots of love for Scott Wilson
    • Nina wanted Glenn to die. John and Meghan? Not so much.
    • A lot of listener feedback with some awesome predictions… and we laughed a lot reading it.
    • *Nina goes on two or three F-bomb laced rants… all of them may or may not have been about Lizzie.

Show Notes

Here’s our post from July about the Governor’s two standalone episodes.

Check out how massive the ratings are for The Walking Dead.  

*Wow. Nina really did say “fuck” a lot in this podcast. She apologizes. Maybe.

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