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Podcast Fandom Episode 27: The Walking Dead S4E6 ‘Live Bait’

The Walking Dead S4E6 Governor


The first Governor standalone episode of The Walking Dead this season picked up right where we last saw the patch-eyed villain in season 3. Nina, John, and Meghan discuss what he was up to and predict how he’ll re-enter the picture for the prison gang. Stay tuned for after the outro music for a mega-spoiler section.


Show Notes:
    • We discussed a book by author Steven Novak in the spoiler section. We reviewed the book, Megan (Breadcrumbs for the Nasties Book One) on our site and gave away a few copies in a giveaway back in September. Novak is a talented illustrator and author and has designed book covers for Project Fandom’s founder, Nina. The storyline in Megan is very similar to this recent episode of The Walking Dead. If you like the series, you’ll enjoy the book. You can purchase it here: Megan: Breadcrumbs For The Nasties Book One
    • If you want to know Lilly’s significance in the novels, click here.
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