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Podcast Fandom Episode 47: The Following – S2E3 – Trust Me

Welp. We were right. Lily was totally in the cult. But let’s back up.

Judy, the House-Calling Hooker, comes home and discovers what Joe has done to the whore mongering reverend. She’s not happy, but Amanda totally called that. She realizes that Joe is leaving and doesn’t believe for a moment that he’s not going to kill them before he goes so she decides to shoot him in the back. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t bother to check that there were bullets in the gun. There wasn’t. Joe ain’t no dummy. He’s prepared to kill them both and leave, but Amanda gets his knife. Instead of stabbing him, though, she stabs her mother. She’d rather be on the road with cult leader/serial killer than dead. And, you know, I respect that.

The Following S2E3 Joe

Emma hooks up with Luke, Mark, Giselle, and Carlos. The crew decides that five’s a crowd and Luke kills Carlos, which pisses Giselle off. That was her kill, damnit! But this is good news for Emma because while she was watching Carlos get shanked, her whole crew in Jersey was busted by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Ryan gets busted for all the undercover digging and interfering with a police investigation he’s been doing. Mendez tells him to keep his ass away from Lily Gray and he doesn’t listen. Of course. He gets his flirt on with her and accepts a dinner date, but before that can happen he figures out that Lily is a part of the cult and then does a shitty job of hiding that fact. He basically gives her the “I know you’re a lying bitch” face which causes her to get away, but not before stabbing an FBI agent in the head. Ryan Hardy: Getting People Killed For No Reason Since Season One. Oh, and it turns out that Lily is the mother of the Creep Twins.

Anyway, here’s our podcast discussing the episode.

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