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Podcast Fandom Episode 50: The Following S2E4 ‘Family Affair’

As you can tell from the episode title, this week’s theme is family. Joe connects with a young mother, Janna, and her family to get his traveling papers and money he should have gotten a year ago, and Amanda reassures him that he’s her family now.

The Following S2E4 Amanda

Lily connects with Emma and introduces her to her own family: a group of vulnerable orphans she has “raised” with Luke and Mark, all totally down will the killing it seems. Emma knows that Lily wants to get on her good side so that when Joe calls Emma will tell him it’s safe. And that’s exactly what happens. After being reunited with Emma – who cries in his arms in both joy and anger – Joe arrives at Lily’s mansion and seems to like what he sees very much.

And it seems Max, Ryan’s family, is the only person Ryan is willing to work with. Despite Mike’s warnings to Max, she continues to help Ryan on the down low and in doing so, finds herself hot on Giselle’s heels after the French psycho kills Lily’s agent, David. After Giselle kicks Ryan’s ass, she boards a train at Grand Central Station. Unfortunately for Giselle and fortunately (maybe?) for Max, Max is on the train, too.

The Following S2E4 Max and Ryan

Oh, and Janna? Totally the ex-girlfriend of Mendez the FBI agent.

Have a listen to this week’s podcast. We dissect the episode, read a bit of listener feedback, and an iTune review. Oh, and stay tuned after the outro music for a short blooper reel so you can hear just how perverted John and Meghan are.

If you want to leave feedback on this podcast, which we’ll read on-air, feel free to tweet us and use the hashtag #PFFollowing

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