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Podcast Fandom Episode 54: The Following S2E5 ‘Reflection’

This episode pissed me the hell off.

Max and Ryan manage to capture Giselle after her long train ride. They handcuff her to a bed in a sleazy motel and demand to know where Joe is.

The Following S2E5 Ryan and Giselle

After Ryan chokes the shit out of her, she tells them Joe is at a factory. We know this is bullshit because prior to being caught, she called Luke and told him to meet her at a factory. Also, Joe is at the Mansion o’ Crazy getting all dolled up for Lily. Max stays behind with Giselle while Ryan heads to the factory. He runs into Luke and Jamel, who think they’re picking up Giselle. He kills Jamel, but Ryan is also shot and runs off into the woods where he comes upon a house. Meanwhile, Giselle escapes by dislocating her thumb and knocking out Max.

He did a lot of this.

He did a lot of this.

At the MoC, Emma warns Joe that Lily is crazy. In fact, she says, they’re ALL cray cray. If her psychopathic ass is calling someone crazy, you know they’re messed up. He apologizes for leaving her and says he has a plan. Apparently his plan involves murdering a young girl Lily presented to him as a present and then having hot sex with Lily while they’re both covered in blood. Emma is going to be pissed. But not yet because Mark has been keeping Emma locked in an art studio. We learn he has aphephobia – I originally heard afrophobia and thought he was scared of black people – but this is a fear of being touched.

Giselle and Luke track Ryan down to a house in the woods where he has tied up the woman who lives there and stuck her in a closet while tending to his gunshot wound. When Giselle tells Ryan she killed Max, she stabs the ever-loving fuck out of her. Enraged, Luke fires on Ryan, but he gets away. Ryan is relieved to see that Max is actually alive and well at the shitty motel.

Will this be enough to make him change his ways and start letting the professionals know what the fuck is going on? Probably not. Oh, I forgot to mention: Mike is totally suspect, holding on to the info that Joe is alive and traveling with Amanda. Shady ass.

Listen to our podcast below to hear me rant about this episode. I yell a lot and drop the word fuck about 345 times. John and Meghan liked it just fine, though.

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