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Podcast Fandom Episode 55: The Walking Dead S4E11 ‘Claimed’

The Walking Dead S4E11 Glenn and Abraham

We all agreed this was a pretty good episode. It had the right mix of character development and walker action. Listen as we discuss the episode including:

  1. Eugene has to be full of shit, right?
  2. Rosita’s booty shorts are totally fine.
  3. Abraham: gullible teddy bear or stupid jock?
  4. Rick and Michonne are totally gonna hook up (Nina’s theory)
  5. Crazy Cheese is pretty gross (John disagrees)

The Walking Dead S4E11

Plus, listener feedback from Facebook and Twitter, the Tweet of the Week, and we make an announcement regarding our upcoming new podcast: “Project Fandom’s Throwback Thursday Podcast.”

Our spoiler section was going to contain our thoughts of the early comics, but it had to be edited out for time. We do discuss the preview of next week’s episode … and Nina’s prays for Beth’s death.

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2 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 55: The Walking Dead S4E11 ‘Claimed’

  1. Holy shit! I thought the guys in the house could be a couple of different things from the comics but I never thought about those rapists they meet. That was so hard to read even in a comic book and I really dont know if tv (or I) could handle that. I am positive the guys will show up again and for the reason Nina stated – that actor is too big of a character actor for just this one shot. I’ve read all the comics and I just think so much of what is in them is just too much for tv. And honestly, I’m kinda tiring of them because its just one awful unthinkable thing after another. They give you hope and then BAM! – hope is lost in an even bigger and more miserable way than the last time. I’m still thinking through whether I want the show to be closer to the comics or not and I’m leaning towards not.

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