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Podcast Fandom Episode 56: The Following S2E6 ‘Fly Away’

This week was a vast improvement over last week’s episode. Lily finally reveals her plans to Joe: She wants them all to go to Venezuela where they can live in a house by the water and publish great works of art under pseudonyms. Joe ain’t about that life and hints as much. Lily doesn’t have time to try and change his mind because she has to go deal with the dead Giselle in Luke’s bed. Once she learns Ryan Hardy is responsible and nearby, she tells her children that they all don’t gotta go home, but they all (herself included) have to get the hell up outta that house.

Ryan has finally called Mike in for help and tells him to bring the FBI. Mike arrives, but without any backup because he believes there’s a mole in the FBi. Apparently, one grainy photo of Joe has convinced him that all the leaks in last year’s investigation now matter. When Luke arrives at the motel to kill Ryan, the tables are turned because Mike introduces his face to a two-by-four. Ryan calls Lily to make a deal: Luke for Joe.

Lily agrees to meet, but drugs Joe before she goes. She leaves two of her minions (the last two left after the twins) in charge of getting Joe to the private plane that’s waiting. Emma finds Joe and manages to wake him up with Amanda’s help. When they try to leave, Joe ends up stabbing the Russian girl. Lily is now down to one minion (after the twins).

At the swap, Max and Mike learn that Lily has brought along an innocent stranger in a Joe Carroll mask and she would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those pesky kids. She stabs the man to let everyone know she means business and then Mike stabs Luke in the back – twice – because he gives zero fucks. Lily takes off with her boys, but doesn’t get too far because Mike shoots Luke and then pulverizes his face with his fists. Luke is having a very bad, awful, no good day. Lily and Mark have no choice but to leave Luke.

The Following S2E6 Lily

Meanwhile, Ryan has arrived at the crazy house because he was tracing the call earlier. Within two seconds of stepping on to the property he kills the last minion – and the last black cast member not named Amanda. He finds the stabbed Russian and, surprise!, she’s alive. After he spots Joe getting into a car, he convinces the dying woman to tell him where they’re going and she dimes out the airstrip. Emma calls Mark and lies to him, telling him that Ryan killed the two minions. He gives her the address to the airstrip, and Joe tells Emma they need to get there first, which they do.

However, they don’t get on the plane because Joe got a last minute call from Janna warning him. Ryan still has a hard time convincing Mendez he’s not a dangerous hot head when they find the plane empty of Joe.

I really loved this episode despite the fact that it didn’t make sense that NOW they’d suspect a mole in the FBI even though they recognized things didn’t add up last season. Also, I don’t appreciate the shade Ryan gave Mike when he realized that Mike went all Don’t Give a Shit on Luke.

Listen to our podcast below as we discuss the events of this episode.

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