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Podcast Fandom Episode 63: The Following S2E8 ‘The Messenger’

This show and I have such an abusive relationship. It makes me feel bad, but I keep coming back for more.

In this episode, Ryan is given a special Fuck Shit Up pass from his close friend Mr. Franklin, who just happens to be the director the FBI. All concerns about the FBI mole are suddenly gone because… I don’t know. The director is his friend so HIS team must be fine. Anyway, Max and Ryan use the extra special info Franklin gave them to find the headmaster of Joe’s boarding school, Strauss. Oh, did I forget to mention that Franklin is willing to assist in this because he believes Joe Carroll is alive? Well, he does. Why? We don’t fucking know. He just does. Go with it.


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Anyway, Ryan places a bug in Strauss’ house and later hears him attack Carrie C., who wrote the Havenport book. We learn through flashbacks that Carrie used a drunken Ryan for information on Joe a year ago and that’s how she got all the scoop for her book. Even though she’s a horrible person, Ryan rushes in to save her. He ends up getting captured, too, just because. 

Don’t worry. Max and Mike save the day and then Mike goes all Giving Zero Fucks on Strauss’ hand with a sledgehammer. He admits to helping Joe after the boathouse fire, but claims he hasn’t seen him since. He also tells them that Joe has a female contact in the FBI. 

Later, Ryan hangs out in his Beautiful Mind room while Mike and Max bond. Or have a staring contest. I can’t tell. What’s up with Joe, you ask? In one episode he turns Micah against his wife and assists Micah in murdering all of his followers who doubt him. *sigh*

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