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Podcast Fandom Episode 74: The Walking Dead S4E16 “A”

The Walking Dead S4E16 Terminus

In this episode:

  • Rick, Carl, and Michonne finally reach Terminus after dealing with a dangerous encounter.
  • Daryl regains a brother.
  • Some random jerk in a field gets unfortunately circled.
  • We maybe, possibly, recognize Miss Jeanette.
  • Rick and Michonne share some intriguing moments.
  • Carl embraces the existence of monsters.
  • We say one final goodbye to a beloved character.
  • Terminus is revealed for what it truly is, even if we still don’t know exactly what that is.
  • Rick goes HAM and is irrevocably changed into something altogether different from the Ricktatorship we’ve previously seen.


This is the season finale of The Walking Dead‘s season four. Podcast Fandom’s coverage of The Walking Dead will return in October, following the show’s season five premiere. We’ve enjoyed covering the season and can’t wait for the series to return.

Beginning next week, taking The Walking Dead‘s place in our Podcast Fandom schedule will be full-on discussion of Game of Thrones‘ fourth season.

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