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Podcast Fandom Episode 79: The Following S2E12 ‘Betrayal’

The Following Amanda

Suddenly, Joe has major issues with religion. Issues so big he sends his death squad to kidnap Pastor Kingston Tanner’s son. Claire has issues with doing what’s best for her son. Issues so big she leaves witness protection just to make moon eyes at Ryan and go all stalker-chick in his bathroom. Ryan has issues with doing the right thing. Issues so big he follows Joe’s death squad back to Korban without calling in for any backup. Amanda has issues with common sense. Issues so big she decides to leave Korban in the middle of the night and hook up with Lily and her psycho children. She is somehow shocked that they beat and torture her when she refuses to give up Joe. She is less shocked that Joe won’t give himself up to save her and she dies as a result.

What are we going to do with this show, guys? Have a listen to this week’s podcast and you’ll see why all three of us watched this episode with the same look on our faces that Mandy has above. Just what the fuck?

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